Learning a new instrument can bring many positive benefits to your life. Besides being a useful skill, it can be downright fun. If you’re considering starting up a new hobby, here are some of the benefits of taking up a musical instrument that you may want to consider when making your choice.

It Strengthens Your Brain

Playing an instrument accesses parts of your brain that are unique to other activities. Not only can it boost your memory, but you can also improve your cognitive skills. When you play music in correlation with the music that you’re reading, you’re exercising your brain in an impressive way. 

Whether you play the piano or the violin, the act of moving your fingers while reading music can significantly activate your spatial temporal skills. In other words, yes musicians can be smarter than the average person.

Improves Your Organization

When you’re truly committed to learning an instrument, you have to put time into it. Daily practice is an essential part of becoming a better musician.  Therefore, your time management needs to be a priority.. You have to prioritize dedicating a certain amount of hours a day to practice.   As such, you can refine your schedule and overall organization with what you do with your day.

Gives You Confidence

When you’re confident about your playing skills, it carries on to other areas of your life. There’s something to be said about playing an instrument, and you should be proud! Being good at something that you worked hard to achieve gives you a sense of pride, and boosts your self esteem. What could be better than that?

Improves Coordination

Playing an instrument requires a considerable amount of coordination. Your brain has to process the music while your hands have to execute it. This can be a brain bender initially, but the better you get at it, the more that you realize how much you’re truly capable of. Connecting your fingers with your brain can be an enormous challenge. When you can manage to master it, your hand eye coordination improves in many different areas of your life.

Provides a Creative Outlet

When you play music, you can express your feelings in a way that words can’t. It can be incredibly therapeutic, which is why some people turn to music as a way to relieve tension.  If you need a creative outlet or a way to let out your feelings, pick up your instrument and play. 

If you’re trying to process painful emotions, music can be a great outlet for fostering your artistic side and expressing your feelings nonverbally. You can think of your music as a painting. Making sounds it’s like putting the way you feel onto a canvas of music.  The end result is entirely unique just like any other work of art!