5 Benefits of a Monument Sign Directing Customers to your Business

Every business needs a sign. If you’re planning to put outdoor signs, a monument sign might be perfect for you. They add great visibility, are very durable, and keep your establishment’s professionalism.

Signs are an essential part of any business. They let everyone know the name, branding, and location of your company. 

Monument signs are outdoor structures built to display your brand. They can be made from stone, wood, steel, or plastics. They are usually used to mark residential areas, natural parks, or big buildings.



Monument signs are one of the most readable kinds of signage because they are at eye level with the viewer. Hence, they can be understood easily by anyone who passes by. Most importantly, their size makes it easy to spot from a mile away. 

Their distinct shape and design can be easily distinguished from the surrounding environment. This makes them stand out and catch attention. Electronic monument signs are another great option. These signs can also be highlighted with LED lights with different effects for additional enhancement. 


These signs are made to withstand all kinds of weather. Monument signs brave the elements and can remain standing in almost all conditions. This is because they are constructed using heavy-duty materials and are resistant to almost anything you throw at them. This even includes vandalism and accidental damage. 

Modern monument signs are meant to last for years. They do not fade out or wash and need very little maintenance from time to time. With the exception of a few minor repairs and some cleaning, business owners don’t need to worry about replacing their signs. 

If your location has rough conditions, or you want less maintenance, a monument sign might be your best option.


Beyond displaying information about your business, monument signs serve as landmarks for the public. They are often remembered and are used as direction points and meeting places. This is especially true if it’s built in a good high-traffic location.

Because they’re meant to stay for a long time, your community will most likely remember the sign. Having the right custom monument sign will help your business in being more memorable. This can transform your business from a word on the street to a local institution. 

By becoming a prominent landmark, more people will be able to easily locate your business. 


First impressions are important and we always want to leave a good one. A sign is regularly the first interaction a customer will have with your business. Having a good one can influence everything about how they remember you.

An effective sign can tell potential customers everything they need to know about your business. This is especially true for this type. A good custom monument sign can be super effective in displaying your brand. Manufacturers can even create designs tailor-made to suit your business.

Increased Business

With modern monument signs being so effective, they often drive-up business by a substantial margin. Combining all these factors makes for a great motivator for sales. That’s because these signs anchor your business to your community and make others keenly aware of your presence. These signs solidify who you are and what you do.

Because they’re made to last, a monument sign can also tell your customers, “Hey! We’re here to stay.” This makes them more likely to return. Altogether, a monument sign is a great investment and is more than likely going to help you drive your business further.


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