5 Backyard Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained at Home

During the summer months, when all your kids want to do is spend time outside, it can be hard to keep them busy and entertained. If you want your kids to be safer, learn more about their likes, and improve their social skills, an in-home backyard is a way to go.

An in-home playground might be exactly what your kids need for an afternoon of fun and lots of fresh air. Below are a few backyard ideas to get you started.

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1. Frugal Fun

For younger children, set up a backyard scavenger hunt – hide toys, chalk clues, and other fun items around the yard and have the kids search for them one by one. For some outdoor physical activity, create an obstacle course using hula hoops, jump ropes, and other obstacle materials.

You can also host a lawn games tournament, with extra points awarded for creativity – anything from tossing a water balloon sack, to having a water bottle flip competition. For a quieter indoor activity, set up a simple birdfeeder and host a bird-watching party! 

2. DIY Projects

They can be simple or complex depending on how much time a family has to spend on them. For example, building a sandpit in the backyard is a fun way to keep the kids entertained for hours.

An outdoor playhouse is another backyard upgrades idea for the little ones. DIY projects can bring lots of joy and make memories that will last for years to come.

3. Nature-Based Fun 

Parents and caregivers can create a fun environment by providing the children with outdoor equipment such as sandboxes, swing sets, trampolines, and play structures.

Another great way to encourage nature-based exploration is to provide the kids with an outdoor play area that includes backyard ponds, waterfalls, and bird feeders to attract local birds, a bug hunting area, and a garden area. 

4. Springless Trampolines

They’re smaller than a traditional trampoline, so they don’t require much space. Some models even come with a built-in basketball hoop, so kids can play two sports in one.

Plus, the foam cushioning around the edges helps keep everyone safe. The extra bounce makes jumping more fun and provides an added level of exercise. Trampoline installation is easy due to the no-Hardware design and durable fabrics.

Additionally, springless trampolines have fewer parts than a traditional trampoline and are made with rubber materials that won’t crack, rust, or fade, making them a more durable option for backyard ideas.

5. Vegetable Gardening

It gives children the opportunity to creatively express themselves in their environment as well as teaches them various life skills such as responsibility and respect for the environment.

Beginner gardens can start small, planting a couple of vegetables that the kids love. If possible, allow them to choose the types of vegetables and be responsible for the care and maintenance of their garden.

Regular backyard activities like fertilizing, watering, and harvesting can be great ways to keep them both entertained and motivated. 

Try These Backyard Ideas for Kids

Having something for the kids to do outside can make all the difference! Having backyard ideas will keep them entertained at home and prevent boredom.

From sensory gardens to DIY swings, there are plenty of ideas to explore when creating a backyard paradise for kids. Get your backyard ready for hours of fun today!

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