We’ve all been a part of a club at some point in life. Whether it was a gaming club at school, a gym membership, or some other community – the chances are, that at some point you would have been a part of something. But have you ever considered joining a wine club? 

With the festive season here and many people reaching for the bottles a little more at this time of year, now is a great time to start exploring the possibilities presented by wine clubs. Whether you’re looking for an ideal gift idea for a loved one or fancy a festive treat for yourself, wine clubs can offer a unique and tailored experience for all who sign up.

Wine Clubs 

Luckily for us, it has never before been easier to get some of the best wines delivered straight to your doorstep in record time, thanks to the rise in the number of wine clubs. The best part? It can be done with a few clicks from the comfort of your sofa via the internet. That’s right – you don’t even have to move to receive the best vino on offer.

No matter your taste in wine – whether you are a Pinot Blanc lover, a Rioja fan, or you have more of a taste for Chardonnay – there exists a wine club perfect for you. Maybe you fancy yourself a sommelier, or you’re a wine newbie – no matter, there’s a wine club for you too. We aren’t lying when we say you can find a wine club that will suit your needs and deliver you the best bottles every month.

Like anything, when first starting, the wine club world can seem a little daunting if you’re not sure where to start looking, and with so many on the market all offering a magnitude of positives, we have put together a list of our top five wine clubs. This will help you decide which one is best for you, or whomever you’re purchasing for.

Winc – For A Personalised Selection

If you’re looking for the freedom to have a bit more say in which bottles arrive at your door – then Winc is for you. Winc was one of the first-ever direct-to-consumer online wine memberships, and they didn’t do a bad job. Established in 2012, they have a large selection of wines for everyone. They even have some delightful vegan wines. 

During the signing up process, the first thing you will have to do is answer six questions that help Winc to profile your palate. This way, they can make recommendations based on what they feel you will truly enjoy.

Once the bottles have arrived at your door and you have taken your time to enjoy them, Winc will ask you to rate the bottles, add your scores to your profile and refine your preferences further.

Winc trusts their algorithm so much that they never make the customer pay for a bottle they didn’t enjoy. So, you can rest assured that this wine Club will tantalise your taste buds. 

Savage Vines – A Budget For All

Savage Vines wine club offers a great membership for those with varying budgets. The Wine Club includes bronze, silver, and gold memberships – each membership level increases slightly in price and offers different things, (including higher discounts on in-store purchases). 

The membership breakdown is as follows:

Bronze £25 p/m and entitled to: 

  • 10% off all individual wines and accessories (excluding sale) 
  • 7.5% off mixed case products
  • 5% off wine books

Your £25 payment will be credited into your monthly Wine club account balance; you can then use it to pay for anything on the site with or without using your above discounts. 

Silver £50 p/m and entitled to: 

  • 15% off all individual wines and accessories (excluding sale) 
  • 10% off mixed case products
  • 7.5% off all books

Your £50 payment will be credited to your monthly account with the bronze membership. 

Gold £75 p/m and entitled to:

  • 25% off all individual wines and accessories (excluding sale) 
  • 15% off mixed case products
  • 10% off all books

Your £75 payment will be credited to your account each month with the bronze and silver memberships. 

Dry Farm Wines – Natural Lovers

This wine club is an excellent alternative for those looking for natural wine in their monthly club subscription or people who follow a keto or low carb diet. Think of Dry Farm Wines as the LA of the wine clubs – the monthly wines must meet strict criteria and requirements including low ABV, organic, eco-conscious, low sugar – you get the picture. The healthier of the Wine Club options. However, remember all wine must be consumed responsibly, organic or not.

Most of Dry Farm Wines’ monthly selections come from the major wine regions of the world, e.g., Spain, Italy and Germany. Lesser-known areas are also used, for example, Austria and Croatia. The prices vary as many subscription options can be found on their website, but you can expect to pay anywhere between £67 to £226 – depending on the subscription you opt for. 

Martha Stewart Wine Co. – The Hosting Wine

If you’re a Martha Stewart fan or love to host, this wine club is the one for you. Stewart herself handpicks the wines and includes exclusive serving, pairing and entertaining suggestions. With this subscription, your parties will be the best around, and Stewart approved.

All new members receive the same introductory wines to understand the basics, and particular favourites include Italian and French wines. Members can opt for all white, red, or mixed cases, depending on taste.

With Martha Stewart Wine Co., you can easily skip shipments, pause or cancel your subscription. 

Vinebox – For The Easily Bored

Are you someone who finds your palate changing, finding a favourite and then a few months later becoming bored and in search of something a little different? If so, Vinebox could be the wine club for you. Launched in 2017 by Rachel Vodosky and Matt Dukes, this wine club arrives at your door quarterly and brings with it nine single-use test tubes filled with the finest and most unique European wines. The glass-by-glass approach is splendid if you’re looking to drink solo and also for those who are constantly striving to discover new flavours. 

The Bottom Line

There you have it, our top five wine clubs. There is a wine club for all – explore them and start discovering a whole world of possibilities.