5 actionable strategies for social media branding

Although social media has been present since the early 2000s, there was no such thing as social media branding or marketing at the time. The globe witnessed a change away from traditional marketing and branding styles only after Facebook was established. Companies began to pay attention to their enormous audience and how successful brand-building strategies would work, as well as what a terrific marketing tool it was for reaching larger audiences while being cost-effective.

A well-balanced and effective social media branding strategy includes the best tactics and approaches for increasing the company’s worth. To make your brand effectively, you must develop brand strategies that are both aligned with the company’s goals and lucrative. Nonetheless, if your social media marketing approaches aren’t as effective, here are the core five strategy-building toolsand brand strategy examples to assist you to realize where you’re going wrong and what has to be modified to achieve effective branding.

  1. Consistency

We won’t go through the basics; instead, we’d want to expose you to something that most companies overlook when it comes to branding. Knowing your target audience, updating regularly, and creating strong connections with the audience and influencers are all incredibly important and fundamental components of branding. But, in order to keep all of this in place, a brand must be consistent in what it offers its consumers. Your brand’s logo, color scheme, bio, and boilerplate should be similar across all platforms. This is because it creates a consistent image of your brand in the eyes of your consumers. Despite the fact, many businesses change their size and appearance based on the space available on each platform. The crucial thing is that you have a similar thread running through all of your platforms that allows your audience to see you as a brand.

  • Enhance your Social Media Visual

Now that you’ve started to be consistent, the next stage is to start being uniform with your posts. No, we don’t mean just ordinary posting. We imply that you maintain your template, font style, font size, colour, image filter, and overlay for your graphics and videos constantly.

This method will assist your audience recognise your brand on their feed without having to glance at the logo. This is the ultimate purpose of your social media branding activities. If your feed is aesthetically attractive, the chances of your audience returning to your page are high.

  • Different marketing persona’s

You cannot share the same content with diverse audiences on separate social media networks. The audience on Twitter is more opinionated and searching for quick, sharp news or information that provides them a good picture of what’s fresh or current, whereas the audience on TikTok is looking for more fun or resourceful things through visuals. Both platforms have varied and restricted time spans and video counts.

You may begin by determining where you will locate what type of audience across platforms. Instagram, for example, is well recognized for targeting small company owners. Many business owners utilize memes as a marketing approach that not only entertains their audience but also directs them to their page.

  • Brand’s voice

Despite belonging to the same niche, each company has its own distinct brand voice. This is done to guarantee that your target audience considers your brand for its many features, products, and services. The voice or tone of your brand might differ from post to post or platform to platform based on the message you’re attempting to convey. Small words or phrases, such as whether you use the word “consumers” or “customers” when referring to your target group, contribute to your brand’s particular voice.

  • Multiple accounts

If your firm offers distinct services, such as clothing and food, it is best to create various accounts. Mixing two entirely distinct niches, even if they belong to the same brand, might result in a jumbled account.


It is preferable to have a social media team that handles and monitors all of the above-mentioned aspects. Rivers Agency is well-known and knowledgeable in the industry, making it a good choice if you need to outsource a team to handle all of your branding requirements.