BEST 5.7×28mm cartridges are a great way to save a few bucks and get the job done. Look for the cheapest 5.7×28mm ammo for sale. Look no further than the BEST ammo. 5.7×28mm is commercial ammunition used for target shooting, with full metal jackets, a hollow defensive point, and a less than lethal fragmenting round.

 5.7×28MM is a small bottleneck cartridge made of high-strength aircraft aluminum alloy, durable, lightweight body design, and a muzzle velocity reaching 1300fps with PBA ammo, about 100 yards effective range. 

Originally, 5.7×28mm was first designed by FN Herstal, specifically for use in personal defense weapons like FN P90 or FN Five-seven pistol. But it can also be used in many other weapons like CZ competition pistol, FN PS90 carbine and AR 57, among others.


You can find 5.7×28mm for sale in the market with a reasonable price and great characteristics. Some are mentioned below:

  • 5.7×28mm has a polymer tip. 
  • It can deliver precise, dangerous, and long gauge execution with its 40 grain. 
  • The fast-growing polymer tipped can be shot and has competent propellant weight. 
  • The incredible gag speed reduces the ricochet. 
  • Very preferable for shooting, contests, chasing, and sports. 
  • It has 500 rounds. 
  • The marker model # VV197SR. 
  • 5.7×28mm has a polymer tip plan, dangerous precision, and rapid development. 
  • You can get amazing gag speed and little ricochet in one package. 

5.7×28mm design details:

FN Herstal designed it, and as mentioned above, it was made to use in the FN P90 for self-defense weapons. 

  • 5.7×28mm weighs 93 grains, i.e., 6.0 grams, 2/3 of a typical 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge, making extra ammunition less burdensome. 
  • As 5.7×28mm has a small diameter, a relatively high number of the cartridge can be carried in a magazine. 
  • It has a loud report and produces a muzzle flash when fired from a pistol. 
  • 5.7×28mm has approximately 30℅ less recoil than a typical 9×19mm cartridge. 
  • The high velocity exhibits an exceptionally flat trajectory. 
  • 5.7×28mm had an effective range of 200 m and a maximum range of 1800 m when shot from FN, a minimum range of 50m, and a maximum range of 1510m when shot from P90. 

Can 5.7×28mm kill a bear? 

It is not recommended to bear hunting with 5.7×28mm ammo, but if we are talking about a life and death situation or a coincidence, it can pierce the bear’s skin but also it depends on your aims. 

Bear has a large body with dense muscles protecting its organs; if your aim for vital parts, you may also get hurt. So what if it’s a modest cartridge firing small bullets? What it lacks in power, it makes up for in versatility. It’s certainly not perfect, and the 5.7×28mm is barely adequate for hunting larger game at moderate ranges and can be somewhat demanding to shoot. Still, the small and light ammunition makes it an excellent choice for training or, like many gun owners have found, as an affordable option to get started with a new rifle.

Get ready to try it out:

Now it’s time to search for 5.7×28mm for sale. If you are thinking of pulling the trigger, 5.7×28mm is a good choice.