Whether you own your own hair salon or you work as an employee at someone else’s, it’s important to generate extra revenue to support your business and your clients. Here are four ways to increase revenue at your hair salon so that you can make more money and exceed the expectations of your clients, who will in turn be happy to recommend you to their friends.

1) Increasing online traffic

Hair salons may experience a decline in revenue due to clients preferring a cheaper alternative such as their local drugstore. The best way to counteract this is by promoting your services online and creating the best hair salon revenue model. Post your salon’s photos on Yelp and Instagram, write professional testimonials, and create a website which allows potential customers to schedule appointments online. This will get more eyes on your salon. You should also be responsive to social media inquiries about what you offer. If someone posts that they need a haircut, for example, you can reply with the details of your services and pricing.

2) Offer more services

Encourage your staff to offer the following services: one haircut with a shampoo, two haircuts with a shampoo, or two cuts plus one shampoo. You can also offer color or highlights that include all of the previous items and a hair styling service. Depending on the industry you are in and the prices in your area, it is important to research what prices you should charge for these services. The price point will depend on whether this is an introductory service or if it’s an add-on for existing customers. In addition, set pricing as either an individual price (i.e., $30) or as a package deal that includes multiple services (i.e., three cuts and two shampoos for $60).

3) Get more phone calls from the front desk

Booking appointments can seem like a daunting task, but if you just take one appointment per day then your situation will look quite different. You don’t need a fancy form or website or software; it doesn’t even have to be in person. It’s all about the quick response time and whether you’re available when they call, not whether it costs them $10 versus $5. Remember that no appointment = no revenue, so keep things moving.

4) Book appointments

It is important for you to get your customers in for their appointments. Having an appointment system will help them feel less burdened by having to find a way to contact the salon, explain that they missed their appointment, and then make a new one. For example, if you see a customer without an appointment and you know that she’ll be leaving town for three weeks soon, offer her an emergency appointment and put it on your calendar as such. Just be sure not to bump somebody who had an appointment that night!

The price of the service matters too. Remember: You want your clients paying you–not other beauty salons down the street. Once they have the best hair they’ve ever had (at the lowest price), they won’t ever go anywhere else!

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