4 Ways a Copywriter Helps Businesses Grow and Thrive

Marketing on the internet requires working on several aspects of a business. The tone and brand voice of the company is essential in converting people into long-time customers. Your brand must be consistent on social media, email and website.

Saves Time

A professional copywriter researches the pain points of your ideal customer using your brand’s tone guide. If your company’s tone guide doesn’t exist, a copywriter can help create one. Having a cohesive brand throughout your digital marketing avenues helps when sales prospecting because your business will build trust with the ideal client and convert more sales.

The amount of research a copywriter needs to do to write a piece for your email or social media marketing takes a lot of time. For an untrained individual to do it independently would be incredibly time-consuming. They also know how to write in compelling ways to entice a potential customer to read your emails. Attention-grabbing headlines and hooks create interest in your product but can take many revisions.

Avoid Mistakes

You may not want to write for your company’s digital marketing strategy if you struggle with grammar and spelling. Common grammatical errors make you look unprofessional and can decrease your growth. Copywriters love words and will be well versed in how they weave together. They also know when to use “affect” instead of “effect” in copy.

Writing copy for the web or traditional advertising challenges even the best writers. Your website, emails and social media ads need hooks to keep the reader interested. Clear and concise copy does this but takes a lot of editing skills to accomplish. A copywriter knows how to edit and revise a piece of content to perfection. The copywriter’s eye for writing hones in on the message and call to action in a singular way which can be difficult for you when you are close to the business.


Copywriters have specialized training in several aspects. They study marketing techniques to connect a business with an audience. They will learn theories on how words affect the target audience and get them to buy products. As a business owner or salesperson, you already specialize in running a successful business. You may even know a lot about sales, but even with that set of skills, it would be mentally taxing to learn and fine-tune a new one before starting a campaign or modifying an existing one.

A copywriter loves words and plays with words daily. They sharpen themselves into writing machines and stay up to date on current marketing trends. Even after their training, they analyze marketing campaigns from other companies, and good copywriters learn more about their craft throughout their careers. You may not have the time or patience to learn even the basics. Hiring a professional copywriter will help ease your mind that the copy they write will convert to sales.


Each medium for your copy will require different strategies. For example, if you have a blog for SEO purposes, you would hire a writer skilled at writing for SEO. If you want to run an email campaign for your finance company, you should hire someone with a skill in copywriting for financial services. Social media copy challenges many businesses, and each platform needs its specific approach. A copywriter may narrow their services so that you will know that their web content or email skills will be precise and effective. 

Whatever medium your business needs copy for, a copywriter will produce organic traffic to your site, and they may sign up for an email list or purchase your product or service. Whatever your business needs, regular content creation on a blog, social media site, or email list increases traffic to your site, helping your business get your message and service out to the world. The more eyes on your business, the better your conversion.

Hiring a copywriter is a significant investment, but the return on the investment may be worth the cost. You avoid many mistakes and take comfort in knowing that your marketing plan has the best chance of pulling in sales.