4 Tips for Choosing Appealing and Sturdy Hotel Lobby Furniture

Are you looking for furniture to use in the hotel that you run?

Choosing the right furniture for your lobby is important because the furniture you select can speak a lot about the hotel and the experience that you can expect there.

With this and the first impression in mind, choosing the right lobby furniture is essential. But how do you know what you should consider?

This article will look at how to choose hotel lobby furniture that is appealing and also sturdy enough to last. Continue reading to help you select the right furniture.

1. Selecting Durable Styles

First, identify the style of furniture you want, such as traditional, modern, or transitional. Each style has a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, or upholstery. Selecting furniture made of high-quality materials will ensure that you get a piece that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Consider the upholstery fabrics and color palettes that best reflect the style and decor of the hotel lobby. Choose fabrics that are easy to clean and durable, such as leather or vinyl. When selecting furniture, carefully think through all the aspects of the piece to make sure it is both appealing and sturdy.

2. Prioritizing Comfort Levels

Choose hotel lounge chairs and tables that are ergonomically designed with comfortable seating positions. Make sure the material and construction of the furniture will be able to sustain a hotel public area with high traffic.

Look for furniture that offers good lumbar support for relaxation, as well as armrests for added comfort. Avoid overly upholstered pieces and those with only decorative elements. High-quality and durable materials should be chosen for a long-lasting lobby with first-rate comfort.

3. Understanding the Finishes and Treatments

One should also acknowledge the utility of a good finish. Gloss may make cleaning easier, while satin or matt finishes tend to look better when bearing a color. Stain-resistant or fire-resistant fabrics are an excellent way of ensuring a long-term piece of furniture, even when dealing with high levels of wear and tear.

Furthermore, knowing the protective treatments applied to the furniture is helpful when one needs to maintain its condition, such as oils and waxes for wood or lacquers for metals. Each one with its own set of benefits.

4. Evaluating the Dimension and Placement

First, opt for furniture that is suited to the size of the room and purpose. Placing overly large furniture in a small lobby can cause a cramped and overcrowded feeling.

For example, a new counter for a small hotel reception space, choose the right size with enough space to accommodate the things needed to assist a guest. Not too small that you are not able to place a rack card that holds an important promotional tool for your business. No rack cards yet? Check out this page for rack card printing to get you started.

Also, be mindful of the existing décor and choose complementary pieces that emphasize the existing aesthetic. Factor in the lobby’s traffic flow and strive to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Get Started on Your Hotel Lobby Furniture Shopping Today

When selecting hotel lobby furniture, look for options that fit the overall aesthetics of your hotel and also provide your guests with comfort. Invest in brands and materials that offer sturdy construction and design as well as appropriate size and function.

Investing in quality furniture will create an inviting environment and ensure lasting durability. Get started now! Choosing the perfect furniture can help make your hotel a success.

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