4 Tips for a Successful Social Media Break 

No one can deny the many benefits of social media, from entertainment to financial opportunity, social media has literally changed lives. Unfortunately, it also comes with its fair share of problems, including being detrimental to your mental health. For one thing, it’s addictive. It also triggers feelings of jealousy, social isolation, and sadness. So while you don’t have to completely swear off social media, taking breaks can be very beneficial in combating its negative effects. 

Here are 4 tips for a successful social media break. 

Set Clear Goals and Boundaries 

The first thing to do so that your break is successful is to set clear goals and boundaries as you can’t stick with a boundary that isn’t there. For example, it’ll be easier to talk yourself into using Reddit if you haven’t resolved to include it in the list of apps to avoid. 

If your break is not from all forms of social media, make a list of every social media platform you want to take a break from, including the reasons why to help strengthen your resolve; maybe Instagram makes you unproductive, and Twitter makes you anxious. Then, decide on the length of your break – a week, a month, even just a couple of hours a day; it’s best to be realistic here to increase your chances of following through. 

Find Alternative Activities 

It’s very helpful to replace social media with alternative activities during a break. Social media is often a default activity for boredom or downtime so finding ways to fill the time makes things easier. 

The key is to mostly choose activities that you like doing instead of activities that you think you should be doing, whether that’s reading about lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) units or volunteering at a local community center. 

Here are some activities to consider: 

  • Creative pursuits – painting, drawing, knitting 
  • Time with family and friends – coffee dates, dinner parties, family vacation
  • Learning something new – French, hip-hop dancing, piano 
  • Exercise – jogging, kickboxing, yoga 

Stay Accountable 

Admittedly, taking a break from social media is often challenging – it can be addictive after all – so having some form of accountability is a good idea. 

There are plenty of ways to stay accountable thankfully. Try: 

  • Letting your friends and family know so that they can support and encourage you 
  • Using a tracking tool to monitor your habits and become more aware 
  • Using apps or phone features like ‘Do Not Disturb’ that limit access to the relevant apps 

Celebrate Progress 

Chances are that you respond to positive reinforcement so celebrating when you reach your goals for a social media break is a great way to not only reinforce positive habits but also stay motivated. 

Try treating yourself for every day you don’t consume hours of social media. Indulge in your favorite food or buy yourself a new book. Another way to celebrate is to tell family or friends who’ll tell you how proud they are of you! 

Taking a break from social media means benefits like increased productivity, reduced anxiety, and fewer feelings of isolation – so try out these tips.