4 Things You Should Know Before Designing Eyeshadow Boxes

Is a glam makeup look complete without glittery or matte eyeshadow? Well, no! 

As a makeup look is patchy without shimmery glitters, your eyeshadow palette is not complete without eyeshadow boxes.  

Designing makeup boxes is a great responsibility of every brand as it acts as the face of the product. Unfortunately, most of the time, brands ignore the significance of great packaging design. But appropriate packaging can make a big difference for your customers, so it’s worth getting right.  

This blog will highlight the four basic things that must be considered before designing eyeshadow packaging.  

Let’s explore! 

Why Should You Consider Eyeshadow Boxes? 

Custom eyeshadow boxes substantially influence consumers’ perceptions of your brand and cosmetics in the short and long term. The benefits of employing this unique packaging are as follows: 

  • Packaging for eye shadows promotes brand loyalty 
  • By using these boxes, you can establish a solid rapport with your customers 
  • Effectively pitching a new product 
  • This custom packaging is an affordable branding and marketing tool 
  • Helpful in improving your sales revenue  
  • Assure product security to an utmost level 
  • Highly functional and easy to use 
  1. Define Your Product And Customer 

The first thing you need to do is specify your product’s features and potential customers. Responding to questions like: 

  • What Are Eyeshadow Dimensions? 

The product’s size and weight should be taken into account. As we are talking about eyeshadow palettes, consider packaging suitable for thin products.  

  • What Is Your Targeted Audience? 

Recognize your target market. For instance, a pink glittery cardboard box is an ideal packaging choice if you sell cosmetic products like eyeshadows. 

  1. Research The Competition  

The next step before designing eyeshadow boxes is to research your market and know about the competition. Search out what is already being used and determine what packaging design and pattern work best for your products and marketing campaign.  

  • Take A Trip To The Market  

Evaluate the retail market and see how eyeshadow palettes are displayed! Take note of the colors, design patterns, shapes, and materials used in packaging to encase your products.  

  • Search YouTube For Unboxing Videos  

Look for unboxing videos on YouTube if they exist for your products. It will give you ideas about how people think about the opening process and spark some artistic tactics about the design process of eyeshadow makeup boxes

  1. Think About The Packaging Budget  

The pricing is determined by how much your customers can afford to spend and how much your business can make. The cost of custom boxes and the quality of the merchandise you want to deliver—may be comparable in both respects, but both indicate how sensitive consumers are to price. 

Evaluate three pricing factors: 

  • What is your product price range  
  • What’s your packaging budget 
  • The cost associated with shipping and storage  
  1. Focus On The Visual Aspects Of Eyeshadow Boxes  

After evaluating your targeted audience, and product requirements, it’s time to pay attention to the visual aspects of eyeshadow boxes. Here, the logistical and technical requirements meet your creativity and sense of brand. 

When we talk about eyeshadow packaging, customers may prefer your packaging’s sparkling appearance or have a technological bent that demands smooth silver and crisp lines to seem contemporary.  

Think about these factors while focusing on the visualization of boxes! 

  • Packaging Material  

Are you going to use a plastic container or paper material like cardboard or corrugated stock? The paper stock choice will affect the presentation ad finishing of the box.  

  • Packaging Style  

Think about the shapes and styles you want to choose for your eyeshadow packaging boxes. For example, is it a box with a separate lid? Is it a tuck end box or a box with two compartments? Is it a packaging style with magnetic closure tabs? Innovation in styling will help you improve your brand growth and catch customers’ attention at first glance.  

  • Branding Essentials  

When manufacturing packaging, pay attention to the branding essentials. Think about where you will put your logo or artwork on the box. Is it on the front of the box or at the top? Maybe a little message on the inside of the lid? Or do you want to emboss your logo? While thinking about the featuring of branding elements, custom fonts are hard to ignore. Font’s size and style should be comprehensible, which is helpful to make your packaging enticing and enchanting, which will draw cosmetic lovers’ attention.  

In A Nutshell All of the things mentioned above should consider before going into the designing process of custom boxes. The packaging you decide is the true representation of your brand morals. Therefore, paying attention to the technical and aesthetic components of your packaging design is essential. Though it’s daunting, follow the outlined steps and craft something extraordinary that appeals to cosmetic lovers. Never be afraid to get assistance from a reliable packaging provider.