4 Things to Consider to Get the Right Generator Rentals

Power generation is in high demand in different industries and regions. Statistically, in Dubai alone, the number of consumers for electricity reached around 916 thousand in 2019 and counting. 

 Frequent power outages are a pain for most, especially in areas where the electrical infrastructure is not robust. Economic losses are imminent with large-scale outages. For example, Brazil’s power outage in 2011 resulted in a total loss of $60 million. 

For this purpose, it is essential to invest in high-quality generator rental dubai for emergency power output and efficiency rate management. 

However, while you can reach out to many generator rental companies, finding the best option is daunting. Here are some of the most important things you should consider while searching for a compatible generator rental. 

Reason for renting emergency generators  

Multiple people want emergency power generators to maintain their electricity demands during outages. Indeed, during long-term power outages in companies, relying on candles and flashlights is not appropriate; they need their machinery to operate. As a result, this affects their production output and timeline. 

Rental generators provide quick relief and support users in multiple manners:

  • Low revenue losses- Companies face high losses if the outage period perseveres for an extended period as their production process comes at a standstill. Depending on generator rental in dubai allows businesses to reclaim their time and continue with their consistent output ratio even during long-term outages. 
  • Deadline reach- There are deadlines that companies must meet with their projects, especially if they are working for another company. Emergency generators allow the work to continue without hurting the production schedule. 
  • Powering important business services- Most companies rely on high-level technological components that need electricity to work. For example, equipment like heart monitors in hospitals and heavy machinery in industrial factories cannot function during outages. Emergency generator rentals give the necessary respite. 
  • Food management- Refrigerators need electricity to keep working and prevent food from getting spoiled. 

Generator size 

While choosing the generator rental UAE, take the time to select a company that delivers different generator devices and structures. Check the sizes available to understand which would suit your location and power needs better. See if the rental provider offers a manual for the device options and their specifications like wattage. After seeing the running wattage of one device, multiply that number by three for the starting wattage count. Add both measures to calculate the total wattage of the device. 

If you want a device that can run small-scale home equipment or larger machinery, use this formula to calculate the total wattage first. 

Starting wattage + Running wattage (x3) = total wattage necessary

This way, you can figure out the total power capacity of every appliance that runs on motor power. Choose the version that can handle your overall power needs while still maintaining 90% of their capacity. For this, consider all of the appliances you would run simultaneously. 

Also, keep in mind that some appliances like coffeemakers and lightbulbs do not have high power requirements. Therefore, you can check the running wattage of such items and work with that during your generator purchase decision. 

Power capacity calculations 

In large-scale operations in the industrial sector, machinery, and hospitals, the need for generators with high wattage capacity and motor size is high. Large equipment can handle the power supply necessary and reduce voltage drop issues. Focus on the following factors to decide among the generator rental companies in UAE as your supplier. 

  • Utility bills– You can view the current utility bills. This way, you can find out the highest rate of historical power usage limit you have. Then, select one generator for rent that can meet that wattage supply limit. 
  • Ammeter- The professionals at any facility can understand and calculate the current range using ammeters. They study the electrical panels in the facility that are at peak usage. Then, they conduct particular computations to figure out the power capacity requirement. 
  • Square footage– Another thing you should consider before contacting the generator rental in Dubai for the equipment is the facility‚Äôs area. With data like the square footage reading of the spot, you would get e tentative idea of the power supply needed. Typically, this approach of calculating the power capacity needs is useful for measuring the energy generation needs in non-industrial facilities, like retail outlets.

Ask questions 

Before settling on a rental provider for generators, you should question them about different queries you have. It would help you understand more about the company, their expertise level, and their experience. Read through their reviews from earlier customers and get an idea about their quality of work and equipment. 


Overall, you need to conduct proper research about the rental company for generators and the equipment in general. Moreover, take the time to calculate your company’s power requirements as well. Based on all of these insights, make your choice about the suitable generator rental for your business.