4 Surprising Reasons To Become A Truck Driver

Have you ever wondered how supermarkets never run out of goods? Whether it’s your food, fuel, clothing, livestock, or even fresh vegetables, they are easily available whenever you need them. The reason behind that is truck drivers. Truck drivers pick up and deliver goods across hundreds of miles so that they can reach you on time. 

According to the latest reports, over 231,100 new truckers join the force every year. Even if you are currently unemployed, there are many unemployment grants for CDL training to get you professionally trained and become a pro truck driver. 

If you are still undecided about taking up trucking as a career, you must read these four reasons to become a truck driver.

  1. More income

One of the major reasons many aspirants want to become trucker drivers is their earning potential. The US Bureau Of Labor Statistics reports that most truckers earn $48,310 annually on average. 

The income can go up to $72000 if you are a more experienced, competent, reliable truck driver. That means your income is in your hands. The more gods you deliver on time, the more you get paid. In addition, as you become more experienced, you may even end up hauling high-value/high-risk cargo, for which the remuneration will be commensurate with the value of the cargo. 

  1. No need for a degree

If you’re wondering whether being a truck driver requires a degree, you will be pleased to know that you do not need one. That’s right! You don’t have to go through two or four years of degree education and pay hefty fees. All you need to do is undergo CDL training that will train you to become a professional truck driver and get a permit to drive cargo trucks.  

Some CDL training schools are well reputed in the country, and may even help you get in touch with prospective employers, so you may be able to land a job as soon as you obtain your license/ 

While your friends are suffocating under a massive student loan on their shoulders, you’d be earning a pretty handsome income without any student debt hanging over your head. You can also receive unemployment grants for CDL training if you don’t currently don’t have a job and can’t pay for the CDL training. 

  1. Lower age barrier

You’d be surprised to know the eligibility criteria for a professional trucker. If you are 18+, you can drive within the state boundaries. It will help you gain more experience in navigating the massive trucks and get the hang of trucking in general. 

You gain more knowledge about trip planning and driving in adverse weather conditions. This experience and expertise will help you drive across the state lines when you are 21. As a bonus, you will also have three years of trucking experience that you can leverage to negotiate a better pay package. 

  1. You get to travel a lot

One of the biggest perks of a pro trucker is traveling across the country while they are at work. If the idea of working a desk job sounds unappealing to you, you can consider taking up trucking as a career instead. 

Professional truckers are one of the bravest and most respected individuals globally. They make your happiness their responsibility and deliver the goods when needed. Thanks to several state and local government grants and benefits, becoming one is relatively easy.