4 Superb Loft Conversion Ideas

If your loft is an underutilized space that is simply a dumping ground for various bits and bobs, it’s time to start planning some momentous changes. A loft conversion will not just give you more usable space in your home; it will also add value to your house. 

Recent estimates indicate that a loft conversion can add 20% to the overall value of your home. Here are four key renovation ideas you can consider for your loft conversion. Each is distinctly different and offers you some excellent choices for upgrading this space.

Create a home office

One highly popular option in an age of remote working and hybrid models of work is to convert your loft space into a fully functioning home office. When undertaking such a project, the home office tech you buy is a key choice due to what will be a restricted space. It makes sense to opt for a laptop instead of a large desktop computer, and the business range of laptops offered by companies such as Lenovo is an excellent choice. Keeping in line with the space considerations, opt for a desktop all-in-one printer that will also serve as a scanner instead of requiring an additional piece of hardware. In terms of home office design for your loft, look here for some inspiring ideas for your working space.

Convert your loft into an additional bathroom

If you have a family, you will know that the bathroom is busy in both the morning and at night. It makes perfect sense if you only have one bathroom in your home to create a second one in your loft. Modern baths are significantly less heavy than their old-fashioned counterparts and should be suitable to be placed in your loft, although always check with a building expert first to ensure the floors are strong enough. Inspiring touches include maximizing the light in your bathroom loft by incorporating large skylights in the design (or increasing the size of any pre-existing skylights) and using light colors to maximize the sense of space in this room.

Create a guest bedroom

If you have friends or relatives over to stay with you on a regular basis, converting your loft into a spare bedroom for guests is a perfect choice for your renovation plans. Once again, the idea of using light colors on the walls and furniture helps to give an impression of a larger space, and there is a wide variety of small and light LCD screens on the market which you can hang on the bedroom wall to give your guests some entertainment options. For a modern touch, add a voice-activated speaker system so your guests can stream their favorite music. Such systems do not take up much space and still provide a high-quality listening experience.

Convert the space to a dressing room

If you are a fashionista who simply must have the latest styles and has bulging wardrobes in your master bedroom, why not convert your loft into a dedicated dressing room? It will undoubtedly provide a touch of class to proceedings in the morning as you prepare for work and has the added benefit of being a suitable conversion for smaller lofts that may not be suitable for dedicated living spaces such as bedrooms or home offices. In addition, you will free up considerable amounts of space in your main bedroom without the need for wardrobes in this room.