Fashion trends come and go. All it takes is flipping a few pages of an old clothing catalog to see that some looks were better left in the past. However, true style, unlike trends, stands the test of time. 

Compiling a wardrobe full of timeless pieces means you don’t need to switch out your clothing every few years. You can conceivably keep these pieces for decades regardless of your age.  Because a timeless wardrobe is one that is elegant, classic, and above all, functional. 

If you are aiming for a timeless look, then here are 5 secrets for looking forever fabulous in any era.


You can elevate your look by accessorizing accordingly. Opt for statement pieces that stand out on their own.  From carrying a classic handbag to sporting a long necklace, these timeless pieces can showcase your impeccable style and knack for flair.

Instead of going for accessories that overpower an outfit, opt for something that complements it. A complementary accent piece is key to exuding timeless fashion. In other words, wear your accessories—don’t let your accessories wear you.

Aim For Quality

There’s something about high-quality clothing that truly stands out. In an attempt to fill up their closet, some people focus on quantity above all else. However, rather than going to the store and simply filling up your bag full of mediocre pieces, it’s worth spending your money on only a few high-quality ones. 

Go for timeless staples made by reputable brands. By piecing together high-quality elements, you’ll have a versatile yet chic selection of items to choose from that will stand out regardless of the year.

Focus on Tailoring

Regardless of the pattern or fabric, a piece of clothing ultimately depends on how it fits you. The most stylish people understand this, and this is why they prioritize tailoring. Clothing that fits your body in all the right places exudes a certain sophistication that comes across as effortlessly chic— impeccable fit is everything,

If you have the funds, consider working with a professional tailor to customize your clothing so that it fits like a glove. When you tailor an outfit, it can completely transform even the simplest clothing.

Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are exactly what the name suggests—neutral. They are versatile and timeless, and allow you to mix and match easily. While bright colors can be enjoyed once in a while, certain colors go in and out of style. 

Yet, classic shades like black and beige are anything but trends. If you look through history books, you’ll see that neutral colors are eternally in style, and you never have to worry about looking tacky in them whether it’s 1800 or 2800!