4 Reasons You Should Listen to Azim Premji: The Man Beyond the Billions

Do you love to listen to audiobooks based on the business? Do you want to know the story of Azim Premji in this business? If yes, then this article best fits you. The authors of the book are Varun Sood and Sundeep Khanna. Here we will tell you the audiobook story in which we highlight how Azim Premji expanded his business from vegetable oil to the Infor technology world and put his money where his heart was. 

A Little Overview of the Book

For five decades, Azim Horsham Premji has been one of the trailblazers in India. At the age of 21, he took over his family business of vegetable oils, and after some time, he built one of the most successful software companies with millions of dollars in revenue. 

According to the reports, he became the tenth richest person with an estimated net worth of at least $1 billion. In this book, he shadowed his business achievements and committed to starting the Azim Premji foundation. This foundation is a non-profit focused on education and he is among the top philanthropists in the world. 

4 reasons to listen to the book by Azim Premji

  • Inspiring story: 

The story of the book is an inspirational tale for everyone who decides to listen to this audiobook. The authors have selected the subjects in this book based on the real stories of his life. The real story of Premji inspires the readers to take successful actions in their lives. The readers might face some difficulties in understanding the Premji foundation but they will get a lot of volunteering opportunities, which is the top reason to listen to this book. 

  • Zest for austerity:

The insistence of Azim Premji on the personal calls made on his office phones is legendary. His friends know how much he loves cars but, unfortunately, is unable to spend the fanciful amounts on one. Then Premji bought the one car under the registered name. He got the financial discussion that consists of the discussion in which he wants to play by the rules and pay for the purchased items. Also, at one point, his friends were talking with excitement about the purchase of his luxury cars by him. 

  • A long journey:  

This book chronicles the journey from the time Premji put down his roots in Mumbai. It puts the light on the entrepreneurial spirit of man as the company cautiously experimented with the expanding opportunities from vegetable oils to engineering products, tech services, consumer care, computer hardware, and lightning. This book tells the story of the business set by Azim Premji into the group entry of space after much thinking and preparation. 

  • His management cycle: 

While doing the equality to the man’s talent in the perseverance in which the authors have touched his management style from the cramped CEOs under the chairmanship. The readers may get the author’s sense with the occasional sound deferential when talking about his family. He managed his professional style and earned a billion-dollar wealth from his foundation. Later he raises his eyebrows in the IT services world at the time. 


This article brings the importance of the book Azim Premji, which is a must-read by listeners who love to listen to audiobooks. You have to read all 4 reasons to know the importance of this book in which the article is written. This book is for everyone who can easily read English. 

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