No matter what, fires are dangerous and scary. When it comes to your home and loved ones you want to be sure that you are doing everything you can to protect them. There can be many different causes of a fire within your home. If you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you have fire damage within your home, be sure that you contact professionals to take care of it. They are able to take care of the fire damage from start to finish to make your home feel good as new. Below are some of the most common causes of fire within a home. 


The kitchen is where most fires in residential homes start. The heat from the oven and stovetop can be dangerous if you dont pay attention closely. The biggest culprit within a kitchen to cause a fire is a grease fire. If your cooking oil gets too hot, it will start to smoke and then burst into flames. There are a few things that you can do if a grease fire starts in your home, remove the source of heat or turn it off and cover it with a metal lid. If it is uncontrollable get out of the home and call 911. 


Portable heaters are the next leading cause of house fires. Come the winter months, many get portable heaters to warm up specific rooms. Each heater you purchase has specific requirements as to how far it must be from other items. If a heater is placed too close to other items such as a wall, furniture, or clothing there is a chance that those items will catch on fire from the heat. It is crucial that when you get a heater, you read the safety instructions so you can use the heater safely. 


Another big cause of house fires has to do with the electrical. An outlet that malfunctions or some faulty wiring are the most common kinds. It is always a good idea when purchasing a home or moving into a new place that you have it inspected. Ensure that the electrical is up to code and safe for your family to be in the home. Not to mention that you should have your fire alarms tested and have batteries in them at all times in case your electricity goes out. 


Many people love a good candle to make a room smell good. Since candles are used often within homes, it can be easy to forget that it still is an open flame within your home. Forgetting about it or it is too close to other items within the home can cause a fire from the tiny little flame. When using a candle be sure that is far away from anything that could catch on fire and that you dont walk away from a burning candle. Though many feels like a small thing like a candle can’t do that much damage it may start small but can grow into a dangerous fire. Always be careful with candles inside the home.