Did you know the concept of birthday candles may have come from the ancient Greeks? It’s theorized it stems from the ancient Greek tradition of placing candles atop moon-shaped cakes in honor of the moon goddess Athena.

However, candles aren’t the only thing we used to celebrate birthdays these days! But even the most imaginative parents sometimes run out of ideas.

So, what do you do if your child’s birthday is approaching? Which are the best birthday party themes and ideas? What table covers wholesale design should you get?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below for four of the best kids birthday party ideas.

1. Camping Adventure

Bring the wilderness to your backdoor with a camping-themed kids birthday party! Whether you opt for indoor or outdoor, kids will love the novelty of sleeping in a tent and telling ghost stories.

If you want to take advantage of backyard activities, hold a bonfire and roast marshmallows. If you’re keeping it inside, make stovetop popcorn—if you can’t sacrifice the s’mores, you can always make them in the oven!

2. Outdoor Movie Showing

If you’re throwing a summer birthday bash, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor movie screening! This is a great choice if your child is a movie fanatic. For a large party, you can even go all out and investigate outdoor screen rentals.

A party at a movie theater can cause issues if you’re bringing a big group, but an outdoor movie screening gives you more space and more personalized accommodations. All you need is your feature film of choice, some blankets to relax on, and your child’s favorite snacks!

3. Video Game 

One of the most popular kids birthday party trends currently is video game-themed parties. As video games grow more accessible, more and more children are becoming fans of popular games.

This type of party is super customizable too. Whether your child is a Super Mario fan or a Fortnite aficionado, you’ll have no trouble finding unique decorations for just about every video game franchise!

One way to celebrate from home is by setting up a video game tournament in your own living room! If you want a more retro vibe, head to a local arcade and give each kid their own set of tokens to spend.

4. Outer Space

If you want a party that’s truly out of this world, it’s time to throw an outer space-themed birthday celebration! This is a great theme for any science-loving children out there. Break out the galaxy-patterned decorations, silver balloons, and glow in the dark stars!

If you want to keep the party lowkey, plan some classic games and put on your child’s favorite sci-fi flick! For a more elaborate party, take the party guests to a local space museum.

Throwing the Best Kids Birthday Party

Party planning can be challenging, especially if you feel like you’ve tried every idea imaginable. Luckily, there are always new themes and party trends popping up! With the list above, you’ll have no trouble planning a kids birthday party!

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