4 Key West Tourist Attractions You Need to Experience

You’ve chosen to travel to Key West, Florida because you’ve had enough winter weather for the year. Unfortunately, “be warm” is not a very exciting item to add to your trip itinerary.

What do you actually plan to do when you step off the plane and onto the sand?

Luckily for newcomers, you can’t walk five feet before stumbling over some phenomenal Key West tourist attractions. The island is a shore-to-shore paradise of fun and educational things to see and experience. Whether you want to learn maritime history or take in a drag show, you can do it all without ever stepping foot in a car. 

We’ve created this brief guide to help you create a Key West travel itinerary packed with everything this island paradise has to offer. Read on to discover our best-kept vacation secrets and start planning your adventure. 

1. Take in a View at Key West Lighthouse

If you think strolling through Key West is lovely, imagine seeing the whole island at once from above! That’s why the Key West lighthouse is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Key West. Climb the 88 steps to the top, or visit the maritime museum, where you can learn about the enigmatic keepers that kept the structure running for decades. 

2. Party on Duval Street

One of the most popular Key West tourist activities for visitors over 21 is visiting the bars along Duval street, which comes to life when the sun begins to set. The street is full of lively pubs, local food trucks, street performers, and eateries. You can sign up for a formal pub crawl with a local guide or enjoy one of the city’s popular drag shows.

3. Bike Through Key West

Key West is one of the most walkable vacation cities, and the best way to start exploring Key West is by bicycle. Consider looking up bike rentals in this area and making a day of it. You can spend the day biking through Mallory Square and Whitehead Street—but stick around until the evening to enjoy live performances, outdoor dining, and a phenomenal sunset view. 

4. Visit Earnest Hemingway’s Home

Not all of your Key West activities need to involve a trip to the beach! Touring Earnest Hemingway’s home is one of the most educational things to do in Key West. Admission to this historical landmark includes a guided tour, and visitors love spotting polydactyl cats lurking in the shrubs. 

Don’t Miss These Key West Tourist Attractions

While you may want to plan your Key West Tourist Attractions before you step on the plane, you don’t have to prepare as much as you think. Key West is one of the easiest places to DIY a vacation as you go. Rent a bike, take the trolley, or walk through the streets until you spot something interesting or exciting and give yourself permission to have a blast! 

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