4 Exercises To Include in Your Chest Workout at Home

Finally, the new year has arrived! Everyone has slightly different fitness goals, but if you are looking to improve your physique, a well-toned chest will help you.

Not everyone finds the time to hit the gym, nor can many pay to have a top personal trainer all the time. Instead, focus on your goals, and have the motivation to do a chest workout at home that will target those areas to achieve your physique goals.

If you know you need to tone your chest, but you can’t go to the gym, try these exercises.

1. Equipment-Free Exercises to Optimize Chest Muscles

Equipment-free exercises to optimize chest muscles at home can include push-ups, open arm push-ups, tricep dips, chest presses, and press-up jacks.

Push-ups are an exercise that targets the chest, arms, and shoulders and can be completed anywhere without equipment. Open-arm push-ups require you to stretch your arms to their fullest range of motion. Tricep dips are performed by allowing your upper body to dip down towards the floor at the elbows and then push back into the original starting position.

The chest press is an exercise that strengthens the chest and arm muscles using your body weight as resistance. Finally, press-up jacks are a mix between traditional push-ups and jumping jacks. These exercises can effectively engage your chest muscles at home without any equipment.

2. Incorporating Dumbbells for Maximum Chest Gains

Incorporating dumbbells in your home chest workout can help you maximize gains. You can add bilateral chest presses with a pair of dumbbells, unilateral chest presses, and chest fly to your chest workout.

The chest presses can be done in a seated or standing position. Additionally, you can perform chest flys on the incline to target the upper chest muscles. When performing these exercises, use a weight that allows you to execute the movement with proper form and adequate control.

It’s good to have a variety of weights available so you can adjust your dumbbell workouts as needed. If you need help keeping your weights organized, you can purchase weight rack here.

3. Snatch Up Chest Strength With Medicine Ball Throws

The key to making the most out of medicine ball throws is in the proper form and body alignment. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart while holding the ball in front of your chest. Then press the ball straight up in a swift, explosive movement.

Make sure to keep your chest up, back flat, and arms straight during the entire movement. When you throw the ball up, be sure to catch it on its way down. Do several sets with different weights to challenge your upper body strength.

4. Step it Up with Plyometric Chest Exercises

Plyometrics involve jumping and explosive movements to engage the muscles more deeply and rapidly. An example would be a standing chest press, which involves standing in place and pushing your palms together in front of your body like you’re making a sandwich.

Plyometric exercises help to increase the speed and power of your chest workout and are an effective way to kick your arms, chest, and shoulder muscles into high gear.

Start Your Chest Workout at Home Today

If you want to strengthen those chest muscles, a chest workout at home may just be what you need. Give these exercises a try and include them in your routine. With dedication, you can expect excellent results.

Ready to get motivated? Start your chest workouts today!

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