Reuse Spare Paper

Reuse Spare Paper. Needless to say, we all love when our dear ones bestow love and care in the form of gifts, no matter small or big. But what about those paper gift bags that left behind when you unwrapped your gift out of enthusiasm?

If you have a closet full of gift bags that are taking much of your space and you are planning to declutter them, hold it right there! Instead of throwing, you can reuse them in many creative, entertaining, and sustainable ways. After all, gift bags made of paper are brightly printed and look super-cute.

Wondering how is that possible? If yes, check our out-of-the-box ideas on reusing your spare paper bags in full swing.

1.Use Them As Shopping Bags

Paper bags are quite lighter and look classy when carried for shopping. So, next time if you are going out to buy groceries or small stuff, ditch the plastic bag and carry your own paper bag from home. Reuse Spare Paper. And guess what, the leftover paper gift bags with handles that you have collected in your wardrobe after the end of the holiday season will be the best choice here. 

2.Make DIY Book Covers

For kids who desire their study books to be colorful, consider trying your hand in creativity with the use of paper bags. All you need is to remove the handles of your gift bags and cut them into a rectangular shape. Use adhesive tape to wrap the paper around the book. We bet your kids will adore the look of their books. Above all, this will also help you teach your children the lesson of sustainability. Reuse Spare Paper.

3.Create Greeting Cards

If you are planning to surprise your dear friend with a personalized greeting card, there is nothing better than repurposing your spare paper gift bags. The fact that they are printed, and colorful, allows you to make a gleamy greeting card for your buddy’s special occasion. You can make it even more attractive by pasting tiny decorations on it. Make sure to write a heartfelt message inside with glitter or colored pens for a lovable impression.

4.Make DIY Pots

Do you love hanging out with nature? If yes, we have another amazing idea to reuse your gift bags to add the essence of art and creativity to your hobby. Yes, you got it right! We are talking about converting your paper bags into little seedling pots. Reuse Spare Paper. As they are already in the shape of a square or rectangle and are quite spacious, growing tiny plants by adding compost and seeds will never be a problem. 

In The End

As they say, ‘there is no end to creativity; you can be as inventive as you want with your leftover paper gift bags. The aforementioned fantastic ideas to turn paper bags into innovative stuff say it all. Thus, next time whenever someone surprises you with a gift in a colorful paper bag, instead of throwing the bags, repurpose them and create the best out of the waste.


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