4 Dos and Don’ts of a home gyms

Post pandemic, home gyms are increasingly becoming a popular choice for every fitness freak. Not only does it provide the comfort of working out any time you want, but it also saves you from contacting germs from sweaty arms and hands.

Also, according to a health study by the United Kingdom, there has been a drastic decline in physical activity since the lockdown began around the world.

A lot of countries have shown a growth in obesity rate by 42% which is fuelled by bad eating habits and stress.

In situations like these, a home gym seems like a good investment, because then, it will also be easier for the whole family to join.

So, this decision of yours is truly appreciated.

Now that we have already decided on a home gym, let’s move on and understand the basic dos and don’ts of it.

Since you will be the only one to handle everything on its own, it’s important that you don’t miss reading any points here.

Let’s begin.

The Do’s

1. Do your research

Before going all crazy and buying every gym equipment online, it will be smart to take advice from a coach or an equipment expert beforehand. Since there will be only limited space available inside your room, you might not wanna make it feel stuffed.

So, do your research about what are your fitness goals and then go ahead and buy your equipment.

2. Try different equipments

There are various equipment available in the market, some of them are always similar to one another.

So, if you are buying online, make sure you know what you are buying beforehand. Or if you are not comfortable with buying gym equipment online, go to your nearby shop, try it out, and then make a purchase.

3. Include cardio

Make sure you include cardio in your routine because cardio is the most important workout that you will ever do.

The popular choices in these categories are treadmills, stationary bikes, and cross bikes. When you are buying a treadmill, make sure it has 1.5 horsepower and if possible, buy a motorized one at the Afterpay Treadmill. 

Apart from that, you can also indulge in high-intensity cardio on your own.

4. Use weights

An integral part of working out is to make sure you include a good amount of weight in your workout. If you are a beginner, include low weights dumbbells. And then when you are fully accustomed to it, level up with heavyweights.

But keep in mind that before leveling-up you should consult a trainer. They will tell you the correct way to do it without getting hurt anywhere.

The don’ts

1. Don’t buy low cost

It’s okay if you have a low budget but don’t let it influence your purchase.

Buy less equipment but buy useful items. For instance, a treadmill is something that you will use almost every day. So, if you buy a low-cost treadmill that dies shortly, then you will be stuck with a useless machine.

If you don’t have any idea about the equipment, take a friend that knows about it. Also, take advantage of customer reviews to ensure you’re buying a good product.

2. Don’t get carried away by advertisements

Well now that you will be joining your home gym, you feel a lot of motivation towards maintaining your diet and workout routine. But beware, don’t get carried away by advertisements.

Consult a trainer before indulging in all of this.

Buy only those supplements that you are sure of, or if possible, stick to a natural diet.

3. Don’t over workout

One of the things you should keep in mind is that just because you have a home gym now, don’t start overworking out anytime, every time. It’s good that your motivation is at its peak now but understand that staying fit is a process, not a goal.

Establish a proper routine and be consistent with that. At the same time, give your body proper rest, so that it doesn’t feel strained.

4. Don’t step in blind

If you think that just by watching YouTube videos, you will be able to get on a full routine, then you are wrong.

Everyone’s body is built differently and your requirements might not be the same as everyone. So, it’s better than in the initial stages you consult a trainer to get a better understanding of what your body demands.

Over to you…

Hopefully, with these tips, you have got an idea of what you should and shouldn’t do with your home gym. So, are you ready to set up your home gym?