4 Different Types of Medicine

Whenever there seems to be something wrong with your body, for many their first response is to go see their doctor. You want to be sure that it is nothing to be concerned about or if it is concerning, what it is. As humans, we always want an answer and solution to our problems. That is why we go see a medical professional that we trust. What most don’t know is that there are different kinds of medicine practiced by medical professionals. There is western medicine, integrative medicine, functional medicine, and holistic medicine. Depending on what most aligns with your views, there are clinics for each kind such as a holistic medical clinic. Each is unique in the way patients are treated and how their health concerns are treated. 

Western Medicine

The most common form of healthcare you receive in the United States will be western medicine. It uses scientifically proven methods to treat health concerns. This includes medications, surgery, and radiation to treat different types of health problems. Whatever method is chosen, it is because it has been proven to help symptoms of a patient. 

Integrative Medicine

This kind of medicine uses a few different kinds of medicine to get results for their patients. There is a combination of uses from Western medicine, Eastern medicine, and Chinese medicine. Integrative medicine uses any form of evidence-based medicine in order to treat patients. Those who practice integrative medicine believe that all types of medicine are able to work together to treat their patients and get results. It tries to stay away from invasive treatments, but it is not against them if needed.

Functional Medicine

There is believed to be a cause for conditions in functional medicine. All things within the body are connected and work together, chemical, physiological, and biological. For example, in western medicine, it is believed that each organ does its own function and works separately from the other organs. In functional medicine, all organs work together as a system. Physicians in functional medicine are looking for the root cause of the condition rather than suppressing the symptoms that a patient is experiencing. The hope is to find the cause of the condition and eliminate it. 

Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine uses a healing mindset that looks at all aspects of a patient’s life that affect their health. The aspects of life that are considered are social, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and mental. They look into how all of these things can affect your body. Through holistic medicine, it believes in healing your body, mind, and spirit to bring health and prevent illness. Natural remedies are the preferred form of treatment.

Which is Best For You?

You will have to find the type of medicine that works best for you. Whether that be western, integrative, functional, or holistic are all options. Each one is looking for solutions for you as the patient but in different ways. There is nothing wrong with doing a few different methods as well, or switching from one if it is not working for you. It is all about finding what is right for you.