4 Creative Dining Room Ideas

As wonderful as traditional dining room sets and decor can be, sometimes you’ll just want to add a little flare to the room, right? Dining room trends have completely changed over the past few years so if you’re looking for some fresh luxury homeware inspiration, here are 4 creative ideas that will make your dining room the highlight of your home.

Rustic Benches

While reclaimed timber might be something that has been a hot and cold trend for years, switching your traditional wood chair out for benches creates the perfect homely dining space. Heavy, sturdy tables rich with natural stains and detailed knots with matching benches are currently a fan favourite, and if you’re the type of home that often expects guests, matching an extending table with a bench and chairs makes it completely customisable. 

This idea works perfectly for dining rooms with hardwood flooring, which helps add to the rustic effect. Wooden sideboards and cabinets are often found with matching dining ranges and will help to complete the full rustic style you want to finish the room with.

Modern Colour Pops

If you’re looking to add some life to your home another trend is adding colour to the dining room with chairs. If you’re lucky and already love your dining table, then you might only need to swap out your seating to find this effect! Look out for suede seating is a selection of matching colours, the idea is to find mustards, sage, navy and burgundy and create a combination of matching chairs in different colours. While the colours won’t be the same, the intention behind the style comes from the design of the chair, which should have its own eye-catching selling point!

Swizzle seats, upholstered chairs with armrests and even simplistic stools are perfect for creating is mid-century modern style with an extra pop of colour. If you’re also looking for some dining room decor to add to the room, contrasting cushions sets for the seats, open shelving with some cookbooks, photos and ornaments.

Clean Cut & Minimalistic

Think dark marble and metal, if you’re looking to add to simple yet stylish furniture to your dining room, you’re in luck. Open plan home that offers a spacious design is perfect for the sleek darker furniture designs, find a dark marble table and some luxury dining chairs with a dark metal design to complement the table. 

The style works well in an open space to highlight the clean simple design, find a designer centrepiece for the table and a unique lighting design for the main light source of the room to add some extra character to the space.

The Fine Dining Experience       

Turn your dining room into a luxury experience even if you’re just eating fish and chips for tea. Luxury seats with button backstitching and glossed wooden frames are perfect for home looking for some vintage class in their eating space. It works well for both small and large dining rooms and you can base the style around your choice of luxury dining table, the key is to match up the table and chairs with this idea, while the mismatched table chair mentioned above work in a casual dining room, the luxe finish need to match along with other furniture you want to buy for the room.

Cabinets that displays your best dinnerware along with glasses and ornaments also works perfectly for this style. Look out for some ideas for gold or silver accents for the room too, think about candle holders as the centrepiece and extravagant photo frames to match the theme.      

Refreshing Your Dining Room on a Budget

So, buying new dining room furniture isn’t an option for everyone after the festive period so if you’re desperate to refresh the room for 2020 but on a budget, here are a few ideas for a revamp:

Tablecloths and Runners: a new runner or tablecloth (along with a new colour scheme is a really easy and affordable way to add some new flair to the dining room.

Visit Your Local Charity Shops: after the festive period of giving, you’ll find a lot of charity shops are stocked up with new furniture for you to browse, so you might get lucky and find your new table on a budget!     

A New Rug: a popular trend for a home with hardwood flooring is to have a rug under the dining table, which is a great way to revamp the room as it can be as cheap or expensive as you want!

Extra Accessories: cheaper than cheaper is basically reshuffling the home to introduce old accessories from other rooms into the dining room. Photo frames, mirrors and ornaments are all perfect examples.

Early in the year is the perfect time to take advantage of furniture stores end of season sales and give your dining room the refurb it deserves!