4 Creative Design Ideas For Promotional Flyers to Market Your Restaurant

Flyers are one of the most effective ways to advertise any business. And, restaurants are no exception. You can use promotional flyers on the street, in the mailboxes, in restaurants, and just anywhere. If you have recently opened a restaurant and want to market your business via flyers, below are some ideas to get creative with it.

Make creative food flyers to promote your restaurant business. The level of magnetism food flyers delivers is boundless. If you create a good-quality professional food flyer that highlights your business, then it’s needless to say that your business will reach its peak in no time.

Use Catchy, Unique Imagery On The Flyers

A catchy image with illustration grabs eyeballs and encourages people to look at the flyer closely. Try to put a unique picture to your flyer and blend it with the right words to get more people to click the flyers. 

For example, Quality Foods is a giant food retailer that uses unique images of the food items, grocery, combined with information about the trending offers. The flyers are so attractive that anyone would feel tempted to visit the store once. Have a look at the Quality Foods Flyers here.

Such a combination of graphics, photography, and words creates an eye-catching flyer that people couldn’t help but click.

Include Specials, Promotions, Menu Items, etc.

When it comes to marketing a restaurant, you can never go wrong with promotional flyers. In fact, flyers provide you with a way to get more creative with your branding. Below are a few things to consider-

  • Include specials. Whether it is the scorching heat of the summer or the chill of the winter, let your customers know what special you are offering. Don’t hesitate to add pricing too.
  • Tell them about the discount or other promotional offers to get them through your restaurant door.
  • Announcing the ‘Happy Hour of the Day’ is another way to leverage the flyers. Try to draw their attention towards the special drinks or menu. And announce a time frame they have to visit the restaurant within to enjoy the offer.
  • You can also use a joke or a one-liner on your flyer to give the customers a reason to laugh or enjoy.

Provide Unbeatable Promotions

If your restaurant is in an area receiving a lot of foot traffic, you can have a staff member hand out the flyers. If not, you can upload the flyers to your website, social media account or simply send a text message to the customers who have already visited your store.

In order to pique their interest, including some mouth-watering food items will excite their taste buds. You can use restaurant analytics to find out what food item is the bestseller. Just show off your top performer on the flyer.

Provide them with an unbeatable promotion through your flyer to attract first-time customers to your restaurant. Even if you offer the best food, providing the right price to the customers is the key. So, think about offering promotions.

Embrace Digital Advertising

If you aren’t active on the digital platforms, you might be missing out on many opportunities. It’s high time to build a strong digital presence for your business on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, etc. 

Suppose a customer in your area searches for food near me. If you want to show up for the results, you need to claim your Google Business page, add a valid contact number, and mention the right address. It takes a few minutes but is a worthwhile effort.

With these handfuls of ways, you can use your promotional flyers for marketing your restaurant.