4 Common Sex Problems for Married Couples

While a lot goes into a successful marriage, sex is a critical element for most people. As people age and as they are together for longer periods, couples often experience difficulties in their marriage that can wind up impacting their sex life. It’s tough to leave those issues outside of the bedroom. Here are four common sex problems for married couples.

1. Erectile Dysfunction


A common problem for older men is erectile dysfunction (ED). While there are multiple possible causes of ED, the most common is a drop in testosterone levels, which naturally occurs as men age. ED can impact the man’s ability to get and keep an erection, and the amount of ejaculate they produce. It can also negatively affect overall stamina and the ability to reach an orgasm. If you or your partner are dealing with ED and you want to figure out how to cum more, you can try an all-natural dietary supplement like Semenax, which is designed to help reduce the symptoms of ED.

2. Communication Issues


Communication issues within a marriage can lead to a feeling of disconnect. That disconnect can negatively impact a couple’s sex life because neither of them is feeling fulfilled by the relationship. Even when couples are having sex, an emotional disconnect can make the sex less satisfying. Marriage counseling retreats are a great way to reconnect as a couple and address the communication issues you are having. A weekend or three-day retreat will give you and your partner a chance to block out distractions and focus on the relationship. Getting time with counselors will provide third-party insight on the situation that both individuals may be missing as they are each focused on their own hurt and concerns. Take a look at Sydney escorts.

3. Lack of Trust


Whether the lack of trust comes from previous issues within the current relationship or issues from a previous relationship, an inability to trust your partner can cause problems physically. Lack of trust can result in a low sex drive or an inability to climax during sex because your mind is not in the present moment but rather questioning and overthinking your partner’s words and behaviors. Marriage retreats can also help couples that are dealing with a lack of trust. A marriage counselor can help identify the source of the trust issues and make suggestions for how they can be overcome. The retreat also offers time for you to be alone with your partner without the distractions of everyday life. This can provide you each with insight into your partner that you may be missing at home.

4. Physical Issues


As people age, they may have more physical problems such as bad knees or a bad back. Physical injuries can also cause problems that impact the couple’s intimate time. Physical problems may make certain sexual positions uncomfortable, painful, or nearly impossible. The inability to do things they once did may lead some to feel embarrassed, which makes it difficult to talk about. However, there is a wide range of sexual positions that can be practiced based on different physical conditions. There are also special pillows and furniture that can make sex possible for those with physical limitations.

Marriage is hard, and happy marriages take a lot of work. That work includes ensuring both people are feeling fulfilled and sexually satisfied. While no one owes their partner sex, it is an amazing part of a healthy relationship, so if you or your partner regularly do not want sex, it may be an issue that should be looked at. It’s important to ask yourselves in what ways you can each work to make the other feel comfortable and safe.