studded leather jackets
studded leather jackets

Let’s get straight into this, shall we? Studded leather jackets are the epitome of rebellion. They exude style, sass, and sex appeal. Needless to say, everyone has got to have one. The world of studded leather jackets is a big and somewhat confusing one, so let us help narrow down your choices and make the entire ordeal easier for you. The following is a list of the four best studded leather jackets that you can get your hands on. Let’s get started.

  1. Classic Black Studded Biker Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket is a must-have in everyone’s closet. You just cannot go wrong with it. A black leather jacket is that one garment that elevates every ensemble. Be it a basic everyday outfit or a special one reserved for night outs; a black leather jacket just makes everything instantly better.

Black leather jackets come in a variety of styles and cuts. While we love the minimal pieces, it is always the bolder pieces that really take your breath away. One such stunner is a black studded leather jacket. Everyone’s teenage punk fantasy, the black studded leather jacket, has made its mark in the pages of fashion history, and it plans to stick around for good.

There is something so edgy and sexy about a black studded leather jacket. If there is a garment that embodies badass, then this is it. Undoubtedly one of the best studded leather jackets you can get your hands on, black studded leather jackets are just such a mood. Experiment with different styles such as a full studded number or one with focused detailing such as on the sleeves, back, or lapels, or front panels only. If not a black studded leather jacket, go the extra mile and try out a black studded leather vest, whatever fits your fancy. If you are feeling lost about where to find one, ASOS always comes out with stellar studded pieces.

Style them however you please; they look fantastic regardless. Keep it simple with an all-black ensemble and don your jacket on top to give it that extra oomph, or just go all out with something like a bright skirt, a muted tank top, combat boots, and your stunning leather jacket: two moods, both just as gorgeous. Nothing beats the classics, after all.

  • Fiery Red Studded Leather Jacket

Red is a color that demands attention. Bold, edgy, and beautiful, all good things come in red. A hue that radiates warmth and power, if you really wish to pack on a punch with your outfit, a red leather jacket is a must-have for you. We are not talking about just any other regular leather jacket; we are talking about the lot’s big boss: a red studded leather jacket.

A red studded leather jacket is the embodiment of rebellion. It is all the things you shied away from collectively put into one, and yet, it looks flawless. You would think that a bright colored number such as this one would make you look like a walking talking fire hydrant, but the truth is far from it. When you sport a hot red studded leather jacket, you exude power and authority. You attract all eyes, and you make your presence known. If that is your style goal, then it is about time to swiped your credit card and got your hands on a red studded number.

You can try your luck with a classic fitted red studded biker jacket, a contemporary red studded leather vest, or perhaps a cropped red studded leather jacket. Again, you can choose to adorn yourself with sporting studs and spikes all over or selectively. Our personal favorite is one from Leather Skin Shop. Their red hot biker features studs and spikes on the jacket’s lapels, shoulder pads, and belt making it just perfect.

Style your stunning studded red leather jacket with a monochrome ensemble if you wish to balance out your outfit and let the jacket have the spotlight. If, however, you want to have the jacket mesh with your outfit, style it with bolder colors and prints.

  • Patchwork Studded Leather Jacket

Patchwork is super-hot right now. There is no rhythm to the madness, but there is something so oddly calming about that mess that just makes it work. Patchwork is super popular when it comes to denim jackets, but now they have made their debut with leather jackets, and let’s just say we are grateful.

Patchwork leather jackets are still relatively rare to find. They are not super mainstream right now, which adds an element of exclusivity to them. What we love about patchwork is that there really is no limit to creativity with them. You can keep it simple and minimal with one or two colors and create art with it. On the other hand, you can go all out with all the colors in the books to create a statement piece that will take center stage wherever it goes. H&M recently came out with a stunning varsity-inspired patchwork leather studded jacket. So simple yet so impactful; just what a leather jacket should be like.

A statement piece such as a patchwork leather jacket deserves the spotlight, so styling it is rather simple. We recommend sticking to muted neutrals and effortless cuts that are easy to work with but always look good without a doubt. If, however, you are feeling adventurous, style your patchwork jacket with just about anything from a sequined dress to ripped jeans; there are no rules.

  • Multicolor Abstract Studded Graffiti Leather Jacket

If there is a jacket that we would not only term one of the best studded jackets you can own but a collector’s item, then an abstract graffiti studded leather jacket is it. Philipp Plein was perhaps the first designer label to introduce them to the world, and when it happened, all our hearts collectively skipped a beat. You would think that an abstract leather studded jacket would not work, but it does. Is it for everyone? No. Is it beautiful, though? Absolutely!

Featuring a mix and match of studs, embroidery, and more, an abstract studded leather jacket is nothing short of art. Its clever use of color, chrome, and sparkle sets the perfect stage. It is one of those pieces that is an instant hit, and we are all for it.

A statement jacket such as this one deserves special attention. Therefore, we advise you to style a jacket as luxurious yet casual as this with a clean and sleek ensemble. The jacket features a very over-the-top and busy design which is what makes it unique. You cannot introduce more mess in the picture because that would just wreak havoc, so keep it simple. A muted monotone outfit or just a simple, no-nonsense aesthetic works brilliantly with a piece as stellar as this one.

A collector’s piece that you can expect to turn into a sensational vintage pick after years and years if you are looking to splurge on a statement item, this is the one.

  • Parting Thoughts

Studded leather jackets are not for the weak; that is a given. But maybe it is time you gathered up some courage and took the extra leap. Step out of your comfort zone of safe choices and venture into the exciting life of risks and new challenges. Well, a studded leather jacket is not a challenge, but you get the point. Grab yourself a stunning studded leather jacket today, and you are ready to look like you just walked off the runways.


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