4 Best SoundBoard Software For Windows

Today, the music industry, TV shows, stage shows, and radio stations commonly use soundboard software. It is easy to add background music, recordings, phone calls, or live performances with just a few clicks with the help of soundboard software. It is up to you to use pre-made sounds or record your own.

The mixer function in some software allows you to store several sounds in a specific area and play them by clicking a single button on the palette. Soundboard can also add sounds to live calls on Skype, Viber, PUBG, and other live-calling apps.

Why you’d use soundboard software?

It combines input signals from microphones, instruments, iPods, DJ turntables, and so forth and sends them to speakers. An excellent audio engineer combines each input channel harmoniously to produce a well-balanced sound.

Input levels, effects, equalization, and dynamic processing are handled using a soundboard. So, here we’re going to disclose for best soundboard for you:

1. EXP Soundboard

EXP soundboard is free software, and with the help of this software, you can create the bulk of audio player files.With this, you can also make a combination of different audio files.You must install the JRE Runtime environment on your computer to use this free soundboard application.

It is possible to create your soundboard file by adding multiple audio files.

It’s simple to add the selected files by clicking on the Add File button. Then, you can choose and play the added audio files with the Play button.

Even assigning a Hotkey (shortcut) of your choice for each audio clip in your list allows you to create a mash-up. If you click the Stop All button or use its respective Hotkey (Pause by default), all playing audio will stop. 

The free soundboard offers a variety of settings that can be applied for creative mixing of loaded audio files, such as Modify Playback, Overlap Same Sound File, and Mic Injector. A mic injector option will be helpful for those who wish to use it professionally.


  • As well as primary output gain, secondary output gain, and mic injector gain, you can also select various audio levels.
  • In addition to these features, the free soundboard software also allows you to convert WAV to MP3. Simply load the file, select the format it should be converted, and click Convert.
  • Even if you have an audio file in an unsupported format, you can still convert it. It is nice to have this feature in EXP Soundboard freeware.


Soundboard software called Jingle Palette is a simple but instrumental free program. Multiple or single soundtracks can be added or pre-loaded, mixed up or looped, or even set to play at a specific time. 

You can also switch between them by clicking on the button

corresponding to the next or previous palette.When you press the play, their soundtrack will run regularly, and you can also run another jingle at that time. 

Stopping and emptying a palette is also an option. The set of played jingles can be auto-repeated after their playback is complete or auto-mixed together.

Touch play is a tool that lets you play a jingle for as long as its associated button is pressed. Stopping all playing tracks at once is possible by pressing the Stop All button. Using AutoPlay will turn off TouchPlay, and vice versa.

You can also play an online audio file using the Play stream option. Assign Volume Level to Jingles allows you to assign a specific volume level to a set of Jingles. You can do this by selecting a jingle and setting its volume individually.  


  •  Freeware of the software has a feature that allows you to automatically play a particular jingle or set of jingles based on the time of day. 
  • Mixing sound is an important feature, and professionals often use it to create masterpieces. Using this free soundboard program, you can mix and play various soundtracks.

3. Silica Interactive Soundbar

Using Silica Interactive Soundboard, a simple soundboard program, you can create an essential soundboard. The program only allows you to add jingle/audio files and play them separately. However, it is the most straightforward soundboard program.

However, right-clicking on the board revealed options to Add Button and Add Multiple Buttons. It is possible to assign soundtracks to them, but only in WAV format.

When you right-click on a button, you will have the possibility to select: a new song, a new text, a new key, or to show the index. The File option lets you save current soundtracks and load previously saved soundtracks.


  • With this free soundboard software that you can use to create your soundboard.
  • File option lets you save current soundtracks and load previously saved soundtracks.
  1. Sensory Sound Board

You can play various scary sounds with Sensory Sound Board, a free soundboard application. Several complex icons representing each category are displayed on an interactive interface. 

As soon as you click on one of the icons, various icons open up with the attached scary Audio Clips that you can play. For example, it has the following icons:

  1. Ordered Verse
  2. Unordered Verse
  3. Storm Soundboard
  4. Two Button Verse Two Button Cackles
  5. Hoot Button
  6. Lighting Button
  7. Laugh Button
  8. Howl Button.

You can even display these icons as cartoons or simple pictures if you wish.The options include Graphics and Display Options, Switch Control Options, Dwell Selection Options, and Sound Playback Options.


  • This freeware offers several sound settings to play various scary sounds, including Single sound Playback, Many Sounds at the same Once, zero sound effects, and Echo Voice effects.
  • You can create a frightening sound effect, this free soundboard program will be handy.
  • you can play pranks on it or set a playback theme for a Halloween party using the default Soundboard that contains various scary audio clips. 

Last But Not Least

After proper research, we bring you the 4 best soundboard software. You can choose according to the demand of your work, system, and space of your system. 

If you want to take my suggestion, EXP soundboard is best for the professional, and SILICA interactive soundbar is best for beginner-level people or wants to work only for themselves.

If we’ve missed any soundboard, the software is free of cost and helps us. Let’s know! But if you’ve any questions, just inquire from us in the comment section.