One cannot compare the joy of visiting the favourite store with online shopping. Especially in South Carolina, you get to see the shoreline, crowd, and massive stores, which can only be experienced personally. Each year South Carolina witnesses thousands of visitors to experience a wholesome getaway near the subtropical beaches. In these stores or malls, you will find every possible product at discounted prices. You can also see some famous stores of well-known brands. 

The USA shopping malls are simply a one-stop solution for every shopaholic individual. With tropical structure or appearance, these malls offer their visitors an array of eating spots and relaxing places. While keeping tourism in mind, these malls are designed with good visitor capacity, parking capacity, and other amenities. Let’s explore the top shopping malls in South Carolina without any further ado. 

Shopping malls in South Carolina 

If you are visiting Columbia, SC, for the first time, this guide might help you explore the best spots in South Carolina and make your visit worthwhile.  

  1. Haywood Mall 

This mall is among the best in South Carolina for your cravings or shopaholic urge. Here you will find several stores where you can purchase all your daily utilities and premium stores to shop for clothes or accessories. You can enjoy your favourite international cuisine in the food court to satisfy your taste buds. This mall has everything for everyone, for your kids; Haywood Mall has built a play area where you can easily keep an eye on your kids while shopping.   

In other words, the mall is both high-end in structure and budget friendly in price, making it one of the Best South Carolina shopping malls.  

  1. Broadway at the Beach    

Broadway at the Beach is the one if you are in for a well-known or famous travel destination or a shopping spot. It is among the best shopping malls in South Carolina, renowned for its prominent entertainment. If you look closely, this mall has a lot to offer, like you can enjoy the nightlife, relaxing accommodations, award-winning attractions, and the best shopping corners. The best part is everything is surrounded by Lake Broadway, which gives you a pleasant shopping experience.  

  1. Coastal Grand Mall   

Apart from exploring beaches or Lake Broadway, you should check out the coastal grand mall. This mall is often considered one of the best shopping destinations for tourists. From clothes to jewellery, shoes, food to entertainment, this mall has everything under one roof. You can also explore numerous stores to shop for your favourite product, including – Bath & Body Works, Old Navy or Books-A-Million, and much more. You can explore some delicious delicacies in the food court for your taste buds.  

The shopping stores in the mall offer discounts of up to 75% off, which is a great way to enjoy premium products at affordable prices. 

  1. Northwoods Mall    

Since 1972, this mall has been the first choice for residents and tourists. Although this mall has been under multiple renovations, it is equipped with high-end stores to shop from. The Northwoods mall offers you a handful of offers and deals along with flyers or weekly ads to shop with. Which makes it one of the most convenient shopping centres in South Carolina. Apart from this, this has vast parking spaces, lop-smacking food options, and a large activity area for your cranky kid.  

For a wholesome family getaway, we recommend you take a day out and explore the Best South Carolina shopping mall to experience luxury.


Lastly, we recommend you list the products you wish to shop for and visit your favourite mall with your family or loved ones. Also, consider the given above before visiting any of the malls. Happy shopping!