3 Ways to Make Weights Part of Your Daily Routine

On a beautiful day, it is easy to want to exercise outside. When it is cold or rainy, hitting the gym or working out at home may be much more appealing. Wherever you want to get your sweat on, you will want to get the most gain from your pain and reap the highest benefits from your efforts. Incorporating weights into your routine can add the resistance necessary to build the strength you are looking for. Here are some ideas on how to include some type of weight in your exercises no matter where you are.

Home Favorites

You might enjoy working out in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Investing in a variety of dumbbells is a good start for building an at-home gym with supplies you are familiar with. You may find an online coach, fitness instructor or group that offers subscription management services for their routines that you can progress through month by month. The benefits of working out at home include exercising according to your schedule, choosing what types of routines you will do each day, and having ownership of your supplies. In addition to using dumbbells, you can also build your gear by picking up kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbells or barbell hip thrust pad.

Gym Selections

However much you add to your home gym, it will probably not compare to the variety available at your local fitness club. On those days that you need to get out of the house, try using the dumbbells at your gym in a different weight that you don’t own. If you have a kettlebell at home and the gym has a sandbell, mix up your routine by utilizing different options in different spaces. It is not just the change of scenery that you will benefit from, but also the challenge of a different piece of equipment in your daily workout routine. Clubs have more equipment to offer and taking advantage of these selections can keep you interested and motivated to reach your fitness goals. The instructors at your club are there to offer guidance about the equipment and their input about how to correctly use a new selection should be referred to before beginning.

Outside Options

If you are a runner who enjoys getting up in the morning and completing a couple of miles before work, or if you start your exercise routine with a brisk walk with your dog, you can add wrist or ankle weights into your daily routine for greater resistance and strengthening. There are a variety of styles and weights that you can choose from and change according to your comfort, speed and weight goals. There are also weighted vests that can distribute the added resistance in your core area. Weighted leg and arm sleeves are also an option for exercising outside and can be utilized during biking, hiking or working out in a local park.

Whatever your current daily or weekly exercise routine may be, it should always begin with a warm-up. Correct stretching is critical to preventing injury and keeping your muscles healthy. Keep in mind to gradually increase weight and to give your body time to build muscle according to a plan that works for your capabilities and weaknesses. Staying hydrated is key when exercising and taking your water bottle with you should be as secondary as grabbing your phone when leaving for your workout. Taking a day to rest and recoup is also important for your muscles and overall health.

There are many different ways to enjoy exercising and increasing strength. Engaging in any type of sport is a great way to get fit, have fun and socialize. Working out using your body weight is a smart option for variety when you are ready to put the weights down. Utilizing the three suggestions here involving weights at home, at the gym or outdoors can keep you challenged, interested and motivated to reach your fitness goals.