Hilton now owns over 7,000 properties around the world. As they continue to expand, so do their vacation club perks and programs.

If you’re a fan of Hilton’s properties and business model, you may have considered a Hilton Grand Vacations already. Now, you have another option: Hilton Grand Vacations Max.

What can you get by joining the HGV Max program? Are the perks worth the cost or are their alternatives worth considering?

Read on to learn three things you should know about HGV Max before you decide to join.

1. HGV Max Members Have Access to Diamond Resorts

You may have heard the buzz around Hilton acquiring Diamond Resorts International. In addition, they’re talking about expanding and building over 100 additional properties. Many Hilton members have wondered what this expansion would mean for them and who would have the easiest access.

It appears that at least for now, HGV Max members will have dibs on the Diamond Resorts that now belong to Hilton. In fact, this new program seems to have been developed in response to this recent expansion. If you’re curious about these new resorts, HGV Max may be worth checking out.

2. HGV Max Members Receive Invites to Exclusive Events

Because Hilton is already such a large company with properties all over the globe, it seems that the company knows that access to additional resorts isn’t enough on its own to drive new membership rates. To sweeten the deal, they’re also offering access to events that are exclusive to HGV Max members and their invited guests.

What kind of events are we talking about? So far, the line-up is musician heavy, including Lee Brice, Carly Pearce, and Boyz II Men. HGV Max members will also receive invitations to private chef dinners, celebrity meet-and-greets, and more.

3. HGV Max Isn’t Cheap

If you’ve been a member of any other Hilton vacation clubs or programs, you’re probably anticipating this one: HGV Max membership isn’t cheap. Even if you are already an HGV member and want to upgrade directly through Hilton, you should still expect high fees, starting with a $7,000 initiation fee and a $200 activation fee.

Is there any way around these exorbitant prices? One of the options to consider is tracking the secondary market for Hilton timeshares that go up for resale, often at a steep discount. To find out more about the secondary timeshare market, visit this link.

Is HGV Max the Right Choice for You? 

If you’re a Hilton fanatic, you’re probably excited about the launch of the HGV Max program. However, with such high prices, you may want to consider all options, even if you’re already an HGV member. One way to gain access to HGV Max locations without paying the direct HGV Max Hilton price is to keep an eye out for timeshare resales. 

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