3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Keyboard

Choosing your first instrument is important. Not only does it hold a huge sentimental value, but it also shapes the kind of musician you become.

If you decide to go with a keyboard, it can be one of your best decisions. Starting out on a piano or keys can be excellent. Moreover, it will allow you to play complicated music sooner than a guitar or a violin.

In this guide, you can check out the options you have and more. So, make a start now.

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Choosing Keyboards for Beginners

The type of keyboard you should buy depends entirely on your goals. For instance, if you want to compose your own tunes, you will need a specific kind. On the other hand, if you plan on transitioning from keyboards to a piano, you will need a different device.

Besides, there are many types of keyboards. Some of them include digital keyboards, workstation keyboards, synthesizers, pianos, and acoustic pianos.

Further, keyboards for kids differ from keyboards for beginners who want to compose electronic music. All these musical instruments come with their own benefits and disadvantages.

Hence, it is vital to understand your requirements, restrictions, and goals before choosing the type of device you want.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Keyboard?

Playing keyboards comes with a wide range of benefits. It ranges from helping you further in your musical career to improving your cognitive function. High-quality keyboards that respond to your needs can enhance all these benefits.

Hence, it is vital to make sure your instrument is absolutely perfect. Here are some ways you can do so:


Sound is the most crucial factor to consider since it will help you improve in many positive ways. Reputed brands will manufacture keyboards that can produce high-quality sound.

You can measure the sound quality by checking how similar it sounds to the sound produced by a real piano.

Furthermore, you should consider polyphony and multitimbrality. Polyphony is the number of sounds the instrument can produce at a time. Whereas multitimbrality is the instrument’s ability to play other sounds like strings, drums, and different background sounds.


The actions of keyboards differ depending on the model. It varies in the level of resistance and firmness. Besides, measure decides the way you get used to the response when you push the keys down.

The weighted keys respond like a traditional piano. Hence, it can be a good piano for children and beginners. On the other hand, you can easily push down unweighted keys. They also have less resistance even though they maintain a good level of firmness.

Computer Connectivity

Many brands offer computer connectivity to keep with the technology. It can be very useful to music students who are taking formal classes. However, if you feel it is not necessary for you, you can ignore this factor.

On the other hand, if you plan to create your own tunes or see a career in music, you should consider computer connectivity. Further, a beginner instrument with computer connectivity can help you use it for a long time and avoid spending money on an upgrade.

Final Takeaway

As a beginner, it can get overwhelming to choose your first keyboard. However, with a lot of research and a little patience, you can buy the most special instrument of your life.

Other factors you must consider before spending your money include the size, input and output, storage capacity, and recording abilities.