3 Red Banners in Biden – What Does 3 Red Banners Mean?

This Article is about those 3 red banners on Biden Harris campaign sign and what they mean!

I don’t know if you think it’s just a coincidence or what, but it seems like 3 red flags, also known as 3 red flags, is a Chinese catchphrase that people use to encourage people to build a socialism in China.

And this is just great! I’d say it’s a big mistake for Biden to approve of these 3 red stripes in the letter E design in his name!

And there is no other explanation as to what these 3 red lines mean from Biden’s side, so people assume the worst!

And I know I may sound like a communist to you because of my accent, but I’m not. I am just sharing some interesting news with you! And I would really appreciate if you would write what you think of those 3 red bars in Biden’s name in the comment section below the video!

Thanks so much for Reading, for sharing your thoughts in the comment section, and goodbye!