3 Pump Maintenance Tips To Keep In Mind

There are all kinds of pumps for all kinds of operations. From vacuum pumps to gear, rotary, and submersible pumps, these devices are central components to getting the job done. When pumps fail, so do business operations.

The good news is that there are some basic things you can do to make sure your pump is running well. Below are three pump maintenance tips to perform on a regular basis.

With some basic upkeep and repair services, you can catch any minor issues before they become major ones. Doing so has the added benefits of extending your pump’s life and making it more reliable.

1. Visual Inspection

First, look for dripping water or signs of loose parts. If your pump is making strange noises when running, it could need a basic tune-up, or some parts may need replacing.

Also, look “under the hood” for any visible signs of wear and corrosion on any of the components. This includes visible signs of broken seals or shafts, and inspecting the pump flanges for leaks.

2. Perform Pump Diagnosis

Diving a bit deeper, check impeller clearances, and replace bearings and seals, which can wear out with regular use. The same goes for hoses that have been damaged or worn. In centrifugal pumps, check impeller clearances.

Look at the motor vents and windings for dust or dirt buildup. Cleaning these can ensure good airflow going forward.

Inspect the couplings and filters, and clean or replace them if necessary. Be sure to relubricate moving parts based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, but be sure not to overlubricate.

Run diagnostics to ensure your pump is operating at its “best efficiency point” (BEP), which means it is working as efficiently as possible. The closer a pump operates to BEP, the less wear it will experience, which increases reliability and longevity. If it is not, something is causing that and service may be required.

3. Schedule Regular Service

You can neglect to do regular oil changes in your vehicle. But sooner or later that is going to catch up with you, causing a breakdown and possibly ruining your car’s engine.

A pump is the same way. Like any other device with a motor, an annual service tune-up can do a great deal to ensure your pump is operating as it should.

Look for a reputable technician that can both perform regular pump maintenance and do any repairs in-house. Going with shops like the one below will streamline pump repair and maintenance, so that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Get More Pump Maintenance Tips

Now that you know some tips for pump maintenance, you take steps to ensure yours is up to speed. With a little time and attention to pump maintenance service, you can make sure yours is running reliably and at full capacity, and lasts for a very long time.

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