3 Popular Categories of P2P Lending

For P2P lenders, the economic recession has been offering a great benefit. When the banks reduced their lending to everyone except their best-kept client, the new and upcoming Peer to Peer lending websites came to fulfil the people’s requirements for credit and money.

Even in the time of their growth, P2P lending websites are an effective reachable source for obtaining loans. The P2P platforms take a small fee to link lenders with borrowers searching ways to pay for their business loans, car loans, or mortgages.

The industry progressed rapidly and gained worldwide earnings reaching billions of pounds. It is an amazing development for an industry that is relatively  new compared to banks.

So the question arises that if you are new in the loan market, should you try Peer Peer lending?

Every person has different financial conditions, but P2P lending can be a beneficial option for many. Here is what you must know about it:

The Concepts Behind P2P Lending’s Workings

The P2P borrowers who have a good credit history obtain lower interest rates than banks. Whereas the lenders enjoy profits that they may not gain anywhere else. This lending and borrowing leads is carried out via an online platform that provides opportunities to both for fulfilling monetary requirements.

Since this type of lending has developed itself over time, the lending platforms have become less strict, allowing various types of lenders and borrowers to participate in the transactions. For example, borrowers can start up a company, pay for the credit card debt or buy their office supplies with the funds they get through p2p loans.. The lenders can also satisfy themselves with a better amount of earnings.

Categories of Peer to Peer Loans

P2P loans are typically up to£25,000, although some websites may provide you loans of larger amounts. Peer to peer lending platforms offer three main types of loans which are as follows:

1. Personal Loans

Borrowers utilise these types of loans to pay for car purchases, home renovation and settling any debt. It is easier to gain these types of loans by social lending platforms because they apply lenient policies than banks.

2. Business Loans

Borrowers can utilise these loans to improve a specific department in the business like marketing and sales. They can do that by paying for the start-up expenses for the new project. Also, people can obtain these loans for maintaining an office and performing repairs on its premises. Or you can apply for them to introduce a new business product. Peer to Peer lending is a notable option for obtaining business loans because borrowers can post their loan application requests on the platform. And plenty of lenders can view it. This way  the possibility of accepting the request for granting a loan increases.

3. Educational Loans

These loans are commonly paid fully in one amount, which provides the borrower with the choice to invest it in paying for their college expenses. Although, it is advisable to benefit from the government based schemes before searching for a Peer to Peer lending option for educational loans. Social lending websites can provide the best rates for student loans. The interest rate may require an assessment of the student profile. For example, if the student is a high-grade achiever, the loan rate may reduce based on their performance.


Peer to Peer lending has been emerging because of the economic recession. As it becomes challenging to secure a loan from banks, the P2P platforms are making  their place in the market by providing cash to the people who could not obtain them anywhere else. The borrowers with good credit history can get lower loan rates. In addition, investors earn higher earnings because they can diversify risk by lending money to borrowers at an average and below-average credit score.

There are three types of loans that are gaining popularity on Peer to Peer lending platforms. They are personal loans, business loans and educational loans. Personal loans are easily obtainable because they have lesser restrictions. The borrowers can receive them to make necessary purchases, like buying a car or repairing a home. And, the business loan category is for those who want to improve their existing business by expanding it. Similarly, the student loans are paid in total, allowing the students to pay their expenses according to their requirements. Usually, high grade achieving students pay up low loan rates.

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