There was once a time when renting your home was considered to be bad business; people were advised to purchase their home as soon as they are able, as it makes more sense than renting. Yet, times have changed and there is a new form of accommodation rental that offers freedom, flexibility and independence.

No long term contracts

One of the major issues with renting a property is that you generally have to commit for a long period (minimum 12 months) and this isn’t always convenient; life can change quickly and if you are renting an apartment without a long-term commitment, you have the flexibility to change your living conditions. If that job offer in Canada suddenly emerges, you can take it, confident you can make the move within the timeline.

On site amenities

If you find an apartment in Sydney for rent in a vibrant community, there are many amenities that you can use; such as;

  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness centre
  • Tennis & squash courts
  • Laundry service
  • Bike rental

Living in a community that is designed around an active lifestyle makes life pleasurable and there are resident services that you can use at any time, you might want your garden watered or need some ironing done. Nothing is too much trouble for the caring staff at an active community.

Decorate how and when you like

Seriously, one of the worst things about renting is the decor restrictions; you can’t do this or that! There are rental communities in Sydney where you’re the boss and there are no decor restrictions. No waiting for landlord approval, your living space is yours to do with what you wish. Click here to discover wild woodworking.

Pet-friendly environment

Who says you can’t bring your husky? Pets are an integral aspect of many people’s lives and when you move into a lively new community, do does your four-legged friend! We quickly become attached to our pets and leaving them behind simply isn’t an option; have you ever tried to find a rental with zero pet restrictions? The vibrant urban communities to be found in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are a refreshing change and the 21st century rental concept has all the freedom and flexibility you could ever need.

No bond

You no longer have to tie up a few months’ salary in an apartment deposit; no bond, no time limit on the tenancy; you can stay as long as you wish! If you would like a guided tour of such an urban rental community, Google can take you to the developer’s website, where you can learn more about the facilities, amenities and conditions that are to be enjoyed by all tenants.All building maintenance is handled by the management and well-kept grounds provide a relaxing ambience, while security is top-notch. Change your lifestyle and rent an apartment in one of the vibrant urban communities.