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The meat business is covered with go betweens wherever who add additional costs that get given to you, “the shopper.” We sell straightforwardly to individuals who care about getting quality meat at a sensible cost. We’re not troubled with the expenses related with having a blocks and cement or any of the costs that agents like to attach. This implies we can keep our costs low and our clients cheerful!

would i be able to Trust meat from a truck?

Indeed! All meat sold at a supermarket or at your nearby butcher shop was followed through on a truck. The entirety of our meat goes through a thorough quality control measure and is given the most elevated USDA Inspection marks.

how would I thaw out my item?

We prescribe 2 different ways to thaw out your 20Steaks.com items.

Favored Method: Remove your steaks or chicken from the cooler 24 hours before cooking and spot them in the fridge. This permits the meat to gradually thaw out and hold all its newness.

Fast Method: Fill a huge bowl with cold water, place the meat in the water and lower. The meat will be totally defrosted in a little while, contingent upon the size and thickness. Simply make certain to check the water like clockwork — in the event that it becomes lukewarm, transform it out.