Do you have a TV? Do you want to remove your TV from the table and place it on something better? If you answered Yes to both questions above then what you are looking for is a universal TV stand but you don’t just know it yet. In today’s article, I’ll be giving you 2 reasons why you need a universal stand.

What is a stand mount?

There are two ways of mounting your TV, there’s the wall mount and the stand mount. Between these two methods, the stand mount is the easiest to set and it does not require the services of professionals.

In layman terms, stand mounting simply involves placing your TV on a flat surface. In some cases, the flat surface could be a table of moderate height or a TV stand that’s capable of raising the TV to a comfortable height.

2 reasons why you need a universal TV stand

There are several reasons why people choose the universal TV stand over the wall mount. In this guide, I’ll be giving you two major reasons why you should use a universal TV stand.

Additional storage space

This is one of the main benefits of a universal TV stand. It offers additional storage space for your DVD players, gaming consoles, cable boxes, etc. Apart from storing your electronic appliances, the extra storage can be used to store other items you want to be tucked away.

You can easily access sockets and cables

With a universal TV stand, you can easily have access to your cables and wires. Unlike the wall mount where the wires are hidden (made to run through the walls), with the universal TV stand, you can easily access your cables and fix up issues if need be without having to hire the services of a professional.

Now you know why you need a universal TV stand, several factors should be considered before purchasing one for yourself and I’ll be telling you about two major factors to look out for.

The size of your TV

Before going out to buy a universal stand for yourself, you’ll have to first know the size of your TV. To determine the size you’ll have to measure the length of your TV diagonally. The measurement should be done in inches if another unit is used, it should be converted to inches. When you have determined the size, you’ll have to purchase a TV stand that matches that size otherwise you’ll risk your TV falling from accidental touches.

The available space

This is another factor that is usually overlooked when people go out to purchase a universal TV stand. Before buying one, you’ll have to first determine the width, depth, and height of your room or the area you are planning to place your stand.

You’ll also have to account for the right viewing distance so that the centre of your TV aligns with your eyes otherwise you’ll have to strain your eyes and neck while trying to watch TV.