1990s Women’s fashion facts that only kids from that era will remember

Boat shoes, funnily that have never walked the dock! From the ankle-bearing charm of capri pants to the ease of tossing your hair with a brightly coloured scrunchie, this was a time that was uniquely experimental in terms of fashion. Read on for one of the most unique and stylish eras in the landscape of fashion from this fashion-defining decade, and don’t be amazed if you demand to shop vintage clothing in style when you’re done.

Bomber jacket

Have you heard of this jacket? You must have! The online shopping portals have such chic ones to offer. Military-inspired in style, this jacket is not only rage in today’s times but made quite a fetching addition to pull off a bold and edgy look even during the 90s fashion women. And leading from the front in the jacket-led fashion looks was none other than the bomber jacket.

Slip dresses

These dresses were so chic and feminine that supermodels from Naomi Campbell to Kate Moss were seen sporting this redefining and can’t-take-your-eyes-off look with fabulous slip dresses. In addition to the overall graceful look, the slip dress helped achieve a sense of minimalism to the look, something similar to effortless dressing.

Fanny packs

Don’t know how many are aware of these today, but at one point, the fanny packs, rather the image of these were simply associated with travelling and travellers. But the 90s fashion women witnessed a reversal of its status! Suddenly, these became part of pulling off a cool and quirky look in the ’90s. In fact, if you do love fashion, you must have noticed that these are returning with a bang to the fashion scene!

Baby tees

Yes – time to talk about the baby tees! Even our favourite characters from the 90s fashion women, Rachel Green from ‘Friends,’ have sported these and made a whole generation of girls follow suit. These tees brought in a unique sense of fashion that was an amalgamation of cuteness, stylish, and elegance. In fact, these were just so diverse that one could wear them with all sorts of trousers, shorts, and even skirts. With the reinforcement of the concept of “less is more,” these tees perhaps never really went out of style for they are still dominating our minds.


Cute, girly, colourful, and useful, the scrunchy was perhaps the most remarkable hair accessory in the ’90s fashion women. They came in different colours, prints, and even materials. Soft for the hair, these could be easily matched with what one would wear on a certain day. And the best thing about them was perhaps the fact that they were just so to-die-for cute!

Chain Wallet

Yup! A relic from the ’90s, this is back! Despite the fact that we are talking about a small wallet, the thing about the 90s fashion women was that people liked fashion to be a little more hands-free and effortless. So, even if we are talking about the wallet, it was better to sling it over the shoulder – this was the thought process. Moreover, the chain made the whole look so ready for party nights. Remember Chanel’s “Chain on wallet’?

Platform Sneakers

These are not just in fashion today! The fact of being a ‘platform’ shoe accentuates the fact that the 90s fashion women generation liked to keep it effortless yet chic, as highlighted earlier. The sneakers are always good and supportive for the feet, especially if one is being physically active. But the replacement of heels with the platform structure notched up the comfort level.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers and the image of it, despite incessantly being associated with school uniforms, is a shoe type that once was highly trending in the 90s fashion women. The most common colours were certainly the browns and blacks and blues, but no matter what colour it came in, the pair always found a place in the shoe rack during the 90s. Moreover, the fact that some shoe brands were also experimenting with adding buckles and chunky platform heels to the fundamental design, made these more attractive and higher on trends.


It feels as though chinos never really went out of fashion. Today, chinos are being redefined through ethnic fashion too! From just being worn with tops or T-shirts, today the traditional-looking chinos are also being worn with ethnic top wears. Chino makes a great outfit and these are finding a bigger fan base despite changing times.

Capri Pants

Not just the shorts, but the capri pants were also ruling the (fashion) roost among the pro-cool-fashion-minded kids in the ’90s. It belonged to the trendsetter territory in the fashion world and the fashionistas, and they had platform flip-flops and a midriff-baring tank top with skinny straps.


The 90s were an age for fashion. Various slip dresses, jeans, and grunge styles commanded supreme popularity. Looking back at what they looked like — through the prism of 2021 fashion — we can say that it is a mixed bag of emotions. Some may feel nostalgic and some others may not so much. But there is not an iota of doubt that some of the trends from the 90s fashion women were just so popular that even today we find ourselves attracted to them and replicate those sentiments in our 2022 fashion decisions.