17 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Flutter App Development

Flutter is an entirely free and open-source framework that Google developed. The principal reason behind the development of the Framework was to create solid mobile apps that work across platforms with the aid of a unifying base of code. 

The Framework was first introduced in 2017 and had been gaining considerable momentum since its beginning. Furthermore, Flutter facilitates app development faster by streamlining the designer-developer collaboration. Statistica stated that Flutter was a prevalent programming language for developing mobile apps in a short period of just two years.

Flutter is the most popular choice for each Mobile App Development Company. Companies such as Reflectly, Alibaba, BMW, eBay, and more around the world prefer Flutter in comparison to other languages of programming. So Google set out to provide applications with the ideal Framework and simplify the development process.

Why Should Developers Choose Flutter for App Development?

The Flutter framework allows developers of applications to build large-scale applications using highly appropriate icons and typography and scrolling behaviour. Developing apps using Flutter is beneficial for both novice and skilled app creators. So, about 2 million app developers have utilised Flutter to develop mobile applications.

If you’re considering Flutter to develop the next app you develop for mobile, then you have made the right decision. A Flutter-based app development company can assist you in creating the most efficient mobile app. But, first, let’s go over some of why you should consider using Flutter to create applications.

Single code Based:

With Flutter, it is possible to create cross-platform apps using the same code base. In addition, it allows you to create single-code applications. This means that you only need to write the code only one time, and the program runs on every platform. 

It makes developing cross-platform applications a breeze. With flutters, developers do not need to create separate apps to run on iOS and Android. Therefore, they function exactly like native apps and give users rapid response time and a better experience.

Flutter App Development Supports Test-Driven Development:

The Flutter framework allows for a Test Driven approach that enables developers to develop prototypes as quickly as possible. Additionally, it allows developers to write more efficient single-code for every platform. 

Finally, the development method based on testing will allow developers to understand more about the features and functions they need first to test.

App Development in Flutter is Faster:

Flutter does not just make the development process speedier. However, it also allows you to develop blazingly speedy apps.

 Applications developed with Flutter work smoothly and efficiently. In addition, the apps don’t hang up or cut when scrolling. As a result, developers can build unique web applications in a shorter time and use fewer resources.

Better UI Consistency Across Platforms:

Flutter is an application development tool that makes the process easy. With these tools, developers are in complete control of every single pixel of the screen since it allows you to shift everything across themes and animations, gestures, widgets, rendering within a single framework, etc. 

This being said, Flutter provides the flexibility to alter the user interface according to your needs and create customised, animated designs for applications.

Flutter App Development Provides Cross-Platform Capabilities:

Flutter allows the creation of applications that run across platforms. Flutter is an open-source framework built on a single source code that allows completely native browser-based applications that can be used on various platforms. It also gives developers access to an API shared between Android and iOS using one code. Developers can deploy the code to any browser and embed it into the browser.

Smooth Integration:

Flutter seamlessly integrates with many different renowned tools for development, allowing developers to begin the process quickly. You can choose to work with the IDE or the editor, whichever you’re comfortable with. Additionally, to create automated applications or continuous tests, Flutter announced its brand new CI/CD platform known as Codemagic.

Faster Time to Market:

The capability of cross-platform app development is among the main reasons developers use frameworks that permit the development of applications for different platforms with a single code base. 

Flutter application development increases efficiency and productivity by reducing development time, and fewer costs are incurred. 

A Speedier timeline to launch is essential for the process to gain acceptance from the mass of. Employ Flutter developers to have applications created quickly.

Hot Reload:

Hot reload in the Flutter allows developers to play around with the built-in UIs fast and effortlessly. In addition, it lets developers add additional features and resolve bugs if found in the code. 

Flutter lets developers watch their code come into its life within less than an instant. The app’s state isn’t lost.

Native Like Performance:

Dart programming language is utilised in the Flutter framework, making applications run like native apps. It is a simple programming language for developers and allows them to build applications using native code. 

This gives a native-like user experience and improves them.

Use Custom Widgets:

Developers have access to more than 1000 custom widgets when working using Flutter. They also have the option of creating custom widgets, with the help of which they can create an intuitive user interface for their apps.

 They’ll only need to create a UI element once and then use it. Then, when the widget is utilised in an application, the design is automatically adjusted to any size for the screen.

Develop Versatile Web-Based Apps:

We have just learned that Flutter comes with a variety of built-in widgets which allow developers to create stunning web-based applications for various domains. Various industries are already using the most advanced tools for apps and are running their apps with no complaints. Food and hospitality services eCommerce, fashion, entertainment finance. 

These are just a few industries that have embraced this cutting-edge tool. Hire a Flutter developer for your mobile application needs.

Daily Google Updates: Google:

Since its first day, Google has invested in and supported the Framework to create the next central solution for the application development industry. Flutter is regularly updated by the team that runs it, and they introduce new features to improve development easier for developers. 

Flutter is also supported by a huge community of developers eager to support each other through the development process and help improve the process of developing apps easier for all.

Flutter App Development Reduce Overall Cost:

As we all know, Flutter application development requires less time for an application to be developed. Because of the shorter time to develop, development costs are decreased. Flutter makes app development feasible even for those with a modest budget, so numerous small startups depend on Flutter to build applications that run on multiple platforms with ease. This allows companies to gain an edge in the market, while developers can create applications for a low cost.

Firebase as BaaS:

The teams from Firebase and Flutter collaborate to provide developers with the best assistance. Firebase is a BaaS service that is a backend as a service, and it manages all the aspects of the backend of the application. 

Once the application is completed and is hosted, it can host it on Firebase. Firebase guarantees a smooth user experience by taking care of the entire backend complexity. However, the mixture between Firebase and Flutter is the most effective.

Flutter App Development is Cheaper:

Creating a native application is expensive because developers must create different codes for different operating systems. But, if applications that run on multiple platforms are thought of using an integrated base of code, programmers can create applications that operate seamlessly across different platforms. This can help reduce the costs of development as well as maintenance there.

Wider Market Reach:

Since Flutter allows cross-platform apps, developers can cover various platforms and devices. Through the development of one application, it can reach the broadest range of people regardless of the device they’re using.

Strong Community Support:

Google is backing Flutter through massive community support. Because it’s an open-source framework, it can be easy to modify. Since 2004 Flutter’s app creators have been supported by a thriving community of more than 1000 developers. Developers have access to various sources from the community, such as podcasts, videos, articles, blog posts, various events, and much more. This makes the process of developing for the Flutter application development company simple.


Flutter is an incredibly popular framework for developing mobile apps that are getting more popular with each new day. Flutter provides an attractive solution to build unique and robust mobile applications that work seamlessly across every platform. 

It comes with various features that make developers’ lives easier to design and develop applications, decrease the amount of code that is redundant and helps developers develop apps using Flutter. 

Furthermore, it provides excellent support for the community. Are you looking to create a mobile-friendly app? Start with our low-cost Mobile App Development Services to get the most out of your mobile app.