14 Impressive Office Perks Every Employer Should Provide

There are basic perks that most employers provide, such as health insurance and 14 days of paid time off per year. But these kinds of basic perks won’t woo employees to your side, or win you any “best employer of the year” awards. If you are really looking to wow people, consider incorporating some truly impressive and unique perks that not every company has. Here are some amazing work perks to consider, from branded promotional items to assisted childcare: 

Home Office Equipment 

Furnishing or upgrading a home office takes a lot of money. If your company has recently switched to a hybrid or remote schedule, then consider taking some of the money you’re saving on office rent and giving it to your employees to use for their home offices instead. 

Great Swag 

Leave the bulk items under $5 for the trade shows and get your employees some truly impressive branded swag. Custom AirPods, tile trackers, North Face jackets, and other high ticket items are sure to be appreciated for years to come. 

Wellness Incentives 

Most companies have some kind of wellness program in place, but many of them offer lackluster incentives at best. Re-tool your wellness program and make sure that it is offering truly inspiring incentives, such as bonuses that can be put towards a FitBit or Apple Watch. 

Free (Good) Food 

Most offices provide some kind of food for free occasionally, but that doesn’t mean it’s good food. Whether you’re stocking the office kitchen with snacks or having a major meeting catered, make sure that you’re getting high quality, delicious food that accommodates any dietary restrictions that your employees might have. 

Childcare Assistance 

Working full time while having children who are too young to go to school is tough. It’s why so many parents struggle to both work when their children are small. Offering childcare assistance in the form of vouchers or even on-site daycare will be a huge help and keep parents from leaving the company when they have a baby. 

Paid Parental Leave 

Speaking of having a baby, offering paid parental leave for anyone who is expecting a new addition will help them get through those first stressful and exhausting weeks. Some companies even take a super inclusive approach and offer parental leave not just for biological parents but also for couples who are adopting. 

Flexible Schedules 

Flexible schedules are another benefit that many parents appreciate, since it allows them to make school drop-offs and pick-ups. However, all employees benefit from flexible schedules since it gives them the ability to make it to doctor’s appointments, classes, and other essential meetings without having to take an entire day off of work. 

Retirement Savings Matching 

Offering a retirement savings account is one thing, and matching employees’ contribution is next level. By matching their contributions, you will show that you are serious about supporting their future of work and retirement. 

Tuition Reimbursement 

Going to school is expensive, and helping employees out with those costs is a huge perk. Whether your employees want to go back to finish college or get an advanced level grad degree, offer to help cover some or all of the expense, and see if your company can establish relationships with universities in your state to potentially get a discount. 

Professional Development Stipend 

Not every form of professional development takes the form of official higher education classes. Boot camps, certifications, and other avenues can make your employees more skilled and efficient, and they also cost money, just like classes. Give your employees a quarterly or annual stipend to put towards their professional development, and your company will reap the benefits. 

Company Stock 

This is more common for startups in the tech world, but there’s nothing prohibiting companies in other industries from doing the same. Offer employees a portion of company stock, and consider increasing the amount they get when they reach certain milestones, such as one year and five years. 

Commuter Assistance 

Commuting back and forth is time consuming and often expensive, which is why employees frequently look for jobs closer to home. If you are in an area known for long or expensive commutes, help employees out by making their commutes easier, whether it’s giving them stipend for gas, subsidizing public transportation passes, or even coordinating a company-sponsored shuttle to pick people up and drop them off. 

Massage and Yoga 

Massages and yoga are hugely relaxing, but getting to an appointment can be tough, not to mention expensive. To make things easier on your employees, have a masseuse and a yoga instructor come into the office once a week to offer comped appointments to employees. They are likely to be in high demand, so let employees book their slots in advance and make sure there’s some kind of rotating system so that a few people don’t hog the appointments. 

Pet-Friendly Policies 

Paying for a dog walker or doggie daycare quickly adds up, plus being around your dog during the day gives your mood an undeniable boost. As long as no one in the office is allergic, consider allowing employees to bring their dogs with them into the office some or all of the time. That way your employees don’t have to shell out for a dog walker and everyone can enjoy the presence of furry friends. 

Want to stand out from the competition and attract better candidates? Consider incorporating some more impressive work perks like the ones listed here. And if you work at a company with some awesome and unusual perks that we didn’t include here, drop in teh comments below to share with the rest of us!