12 Mouthwatering Seafood Dishes to End the Year Right

It’s the time of year to get together with friends and family, enjoy some delicious food and ring in the new year! If you’re looking for a way to celebrate that is both delicious and festive, this article has just what you need. 

Before you go searching for the best seafood recipes, we listed 12 mouthwatering dishes to make sure you end the year right with your family or friends.

  1. Lobster-Stuffed King Crab – This dish is decadent and impressive, perfect for a special celebration like New Year’s Eve. The lobster and king crab are both cooked to perfection and stuffed inside each other, resulting in a flavourful explosion in every bite.
  2. Shrimp Risotto – Risotto is always a crowd-pleaser, and this shrimp version does not disappoint. The creamy rice is perfectly complemented by the sweet and succulent shrimp, making it difficult to resist another bite.
  3. Salmon en Papillote – This elegant dish is simple to make but looks and tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen. Salmon is cooked inside parchment paper with a variety of flavourful ingredients, resulting in a moist, tender and delicious main course.
  4. Salmon Teriyaki – In this tasty, easy-to-make dish, salmon fillets are marinated in teriyaki sauce and then grilled to perfection, resulting in a juicy and succulent main course.
  5. Crab Cakes – Crab cakes are a crowd-pleaser and perfect for any special occasion. Made with the freshest crab meat, these easy-to-make patties make an incredible appetiser or meal!
  6. Blackened Catfish Tacos – These tacos are light, flavourful and perfect for a party. The catfish is blackened with a Cajun seasoning for a delicious and spicy flavour, then served inside soft tortillas with all of your favourite toppings.
  7. Coconut Crusted Tilapia – This dish is easy to make and incredibly delicious. Tilapia fillets are coated in shredded coconut and then baked until crispy, resulting in a fish that is both tender and flavourful.
  8. Mullet with Ginger – This dish is perfect for those who want something a little more unusual. Mullet fillets are first marinated in soy sauce and then pan-fried with ginger to create an incredibly unique main course that will please any palate.
  9. Brothy Seafood Chowder – This dish is rich, creamy and delicious. The seafood in this chowder-style soup includes crab, clams, scallops and shrimps, and also includes onions, celery, salt and pepper to create an amazing flavour that will keep you coming back for more!
  10. Lobster Fra Diavolo – This dish is spicy, flavourful and sure to please. Lobster is cooked in tomato sauce with garlic, red pepper flakes and white wine for an amazing Italian-inspired dish that will leave you wanting more.
  11. Spicy Mango Scallops – This dish is also easy to make and packed with flavour. Scallops are tossed in a mango puree, blackened and then served on top of rice for an Asian-inspired meal that will satisfy any palate.
  12. Seafood Paella – This hearty dish is delicious and perfect for sharing. The seafood includes lobster tails, shrimp, mussels, clams and scallops, and also includes onions, garlic, saffron, tomato broth, white wine and more! It all comes together perfectly in this rich Spanish dish.
  13. Salt and Pepper Calamari – This dish is crispy, tender and delicious. Calamari rings are tossed in a spicy salt and pepper mixture before being fried to perfection for an appetiser that will have you coming back for more!
  14. Simple Cioppino – This Italian meal features fresh seafood cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, white wine, vinegar, basil and parsley served over spaghetti. The best part? It can be made in less than one hour!
  15. Creamy Garlic Shrimp – This dish is rich, creamy and delicious. Jumbo shrimps are cooked in garlic butter sauce with white wine for an amazing main course that is sure to please any seafood lover!

With so many amazing seafood dishes to choose from, there is something for everyone at your New Year’s Eve celebration! No matter what you end up choosing, we guarantee it will be delicious and festive. So ring in the new year with some amazing seafood dishes! Click here for more information on where to order fresh seafood online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Happy eating!