12 Casual Winter Maternity Dresses to End 2021 in Style

Ready to glide through the holidays? In a pregnancy dress? Check out our fav winter maternity dresses that keep you warm and stylish through it all.

Tis’ the season of joy, comfort, and all things warm and soft! If winter is your favorite time of the year, you’re already on our vibe. After all, what’s not to love about holidays, delicious food, and hours of family time? We all know that cool weather calls for cozy pregnancy outfits, and right now your wardrobe might need a helping hand. Your baby bump will grow inches from November to February, and meanwhile the temperature will drop several degrees. So yes, we say new winter maternity clothes are in order! Good thing winter maternity dresses are on the top of your wish list, right?

No? Well, there’s no shame — we can help with that! You landed on the right page for winter maternity outfits. We know that finding affordable maternity dresses can be tedious, let alone warm, stylish pregnancy dresses for winter. But luckily, this isn’t your struggle, not this year! You’ll know exactly where to buy maternity dresses that can survive a winter wonderland — holidays, snow, and all — after going through this list. And that’s a good thing, too! When you’re eating for two, comfort and convenience should be your top priorities. It’s just unacceptable to be trudging around your local maternity stores looking for winter pregnancy outfits that won’t even last two months.

So, let our maternity fashion editors take it from here! They rounded up the very best winter maternity dresses for baby showers, photoshoots, holiday parties, and your sit-home-by-the-fire events. We selected these winter maternity gowns for their comfort, durability, and of course, trendy December style! So chill out, relax, and save the store trip. Now that you’re here, you’re on your way to finding the warmest winter maternity dresses of the season.

Whether you need cute winter pregnancy outfits for a party or chilly day, you can dress for the occasion with a cozy pregnancy dress from this list.

1.  Delaney Maternity Maxi Strapless Dress With Long Sleeves from MaternityDresses.com

Cozy meets chic! After reviewing scores of winter maternity dresses, we decided this winter maternity maxi dress is the queen.

Winter pregnancy fashion calls for two things: long sleeves and comfortable fabric. Delaney checks off both boxes with her sexy-yet-covered design and cozy cloth! Made from a durable rayon/spandex blend, these maternity gown dresses comfortably conform to all pregnant forms and flatter your shape at every stage.

We also love how the designers took the trendy cold shoulder look into a practical winter gown. The strapless cut adds that sexy touch while the long skirt and sleeves keep the chill away. The folded neckline even contours your shoulders for a slim, toned look!

The best part of this design is its versatility. You can dress this look up or down for just about any occasion. In fact, the flowy skirt makes them the perfect winter maternity dresses for photoshoots! These flowy maternity dresses add motion to your portraits and soften your silhouette instantly.

Have a holiday baby bash to attend? You can drip with winter style in any of these maternity dresses for baby showers!

2.  Boohoo Maternity Turtleneck Sweater Dress

Winter maternity sweater dresses are essential in every mom’s wardrobe come Christmas time! And if you’re going to rock the sweater look, we highly recommend these comfy Boohoo dresses.

With a turtleneck and thick-knit material, these are complete winter maternity outfits on their own! All you need to do is add a pair of stylish shoes, and you’re cozy and ready to rock. The knee-length skirt makes these womens maternity dresses pair with just about any kind of boot.

Of course, winter pregnancy clothes should keep you WARM above all. These comfy pregnancy maternity dresses are made from 100% acrylic material, which is a wool-like fabric that traps heat like an oven.

3.  Pink Blush Green Chiffon Long Sleeve Pleated Maxi Dress

This is winter pregnancy fashion at its finest! This Pink Blush maternity dress is too dreamy for words, but we’ll describe it anyway. Flowing chiffon, surplice neckline, tie belt, button sleeves — these elegant maternity dresses have it all.

We adore winter maternity outfits with stunning seasonal color, and it’s one reason this gown rules. This shade of emerald green is not only fashionable for winter, but it also flatters every mom that wears it! The color is muted enough to work with warm and cool skin tones but bright enough to give an outstanding shine.

With long sleeves and a maxi-length skirt, these are certainly warm pregnancy dresses for winter. The tie belt and deep V neckline also make them the best maternity dresses for highlighting your baby bump! The tie detail separates your bust and bump to define your shape, while the V neck just adds a bit of sexiness.

4.  Ingrid and Isabel Ripe Lynx Cross Front Nursing Dress

The beautiful design is one thing, but the comfort and convenience is what really put these winter maternity dresses on this list.

This is a pattern to die for! We’re seeing some animal prints coming back onto the scene this year, and we’re loving it. This ultra-chic lynx print on this Ingrid and Isabel maternity dress will certainly earn you some double takes.

Made with polyester and elastane, these maternity midi gowns provide a comfy, warm, and baby soft fit every time! You can also pull up the super discreet top layer for quick nursing access.

These elegant maternity dresses are just one of many fantastic pieces Ingrid and Isabel have in store. They offer TONS of cute winter pregnancy clothes to keep you cozy and cute all season long, and we def recommend you visit their site for some holiday mommy shopping.

5.  Lukalula Maternity Plush Simple Casual Straight Pocket Dress

Featured here is the perfect winter white maternity sweater dress for chillin’ at home (in style)! You can almost feel how soft this gown is just by looking at it. We want, like, 100 of these Lukalula maternity dresses in time for the holidays.

These pretty maternity dresses keep it simple so you can make your own look. You can create so many cute winter pregnancy outfits from this one dress — add a belt to cinch the waist, a colorful scarf, some knee-high boots for the legs, or an adorable beanie on top! The options are endless.

Like all winter maternity clothes, these pregnancy dresses are built for warmth. The crew neckline and long sleeves give you plenty of coverage, while the thick polyester fabric locks in heat. The straight fit also gives that baby bump room to grow!

6.  ASOS DESIGN Maternity Premium Lace Insert Pleated Maxi Dress

This ASOS maternity dress is dripping with winter style! And it’s super comfy too! The flowy skirt and relaxed bodice make this one of the most forgiving winter maternity outfits for when you’re feeling a bit puffy.

This loose fit also makes these beautiful maternity dresses perfect for all growing figures. The polyester/spandex blend allows the dress to expand through all your trimesters, keeping you warm all the while! The high waistline and lace details highlight your form for a soft yet defined silhouette.

Most of all, the royal purple color is so on point for the season. This dark shade pairs beautifully with silver and gold accessories, so you can dress this gown up or down as you please. The versatility makes these gowns the perfect winter maternity dresses for baby showers or holiday parties!

7.  Missguided Lilac Rib Belted Split Side Maternity Midi Dress

We fall in love with Missguided maternity wear every time we visit their site, and here’s an example of why. These adorable yet elegant maternity dresses will fill out your winter wardrobe with a trendy staple you can wear almost anywhere.

The just-right midi length on these winter maternity dresses is enhanced with a side split. This feature lengthens your leg AND lets you move with ease! You can make tons of winter pregnancy outfits from this one dress with the option of wearing heels, flats, sneakers, or boots.

If you need affordable winter pregnancy clothes, you can’t sleep on Missguided! They carry some seriously beautiful maternity dresses for pennies.

8.  HATCH Phoebe Dress

We have never seen a skirt like this! Elegant and understated, this flowy maternity dress from HATCH maternity gives the phrase “effortless beauty” a whole new meaning. These are the best maternity dresses for showing off your baby bump in winter pregnancy fashion.

We love the contrasting elements! The fitted bodice hugs your form, while the relaxed skirt hangs loose. This combination flatters a pregnant tummy that needs extra room for a fabulous fit!

Even better, the designers carefully placed the waistline to make these winter maternity maxi dresses suitable for all mothers. A high waistline usually doesn’t compliment mothers who are carrying low, but a mid-waist dress can!

All in all, HATCH maternity clothes rank high for their durability, and any winter maternity clothes from their store will last for years. This versatile staple will easily carry you from first to fourth trimester, holidays included!

9.  Seraphine Charcoal Pleated Maternity & Nursing Dress

Two-toned and too cute! These winter maternity outfits from Seraphine check all the boxes — stylish, comfy, versatile, and nursing friendly! The charcoal palette is right on point for the season, too.

This Seraphine maternity dress can go so many places with you: the office, the mall, or a party! For mamas in the fourth trimester, that means easy nursing access all winter long! Its simple yet elegant design makes it a versatile piece you can wear just about anywhere.

Besides nursing ease, the soft knit material makes these the coziest pregnancy dresses for winter. We also like how the jersey top and skirt are two separate pieces, so you can mix and match them with your other favorite staples.

10. Motherhood Maternity Off Shoulder Maternity Photoshoot Gown/Dress

Oh my my! These are THE winter maternity dresses for photoshoots and baby showers. You cannot go wrong wearing these beautiful Motherhood Maternity dresses for your pregnancy portraits, though they may be a bit upscale for everyday casual wear.

Honestly, these winter maternity shoot dresses remind us a bit of our premiere choice, the Delaney from maternitydresses.com. They’re both long sleeve, maternity maxi dresses with a strapless design and folded neckline.

So, what are the differences? Instead of a relaxed, flowy skirt, this Motherhood Maternity winter maternity maxi dress has a body-conscious fit that hugs your curves. This makes them ideal for mothers who are showing, though they don’t provide the same motion effect of a breezy skirt.

Overall, it comes down to your personal preference what kind of aesthetic you want for your maternity pics. We must say that Motherhood Maternity clothes are very highly rated for their comfort, so any winter maternity clothes you buy from them are sure to be good investments for the season!

11.  A Pea in the Pod A-Line Maternity Dress

Ah, the classic A line dress. This staple should be in every wardrobe, baby or no baby! These cute winter pregnancy outfits are made just for holiday parties and family dinners.

As a rule, A line dresses flatter every body type. Since the hem is broader than the shoulders, these Pea in the Pod dresses slim your form. But that’s not the reason we love these winter womens maternity dresses.

These maternity gown dresses make our list four their rich, burgundy color! This wine shade complements dark hair, and it will always glow in winter when rich reds are in season. The color is perfect for fall maternity dresses, too.

12.  Sexy Mama Maternity Harper Maternity Dress

This is a one-n’-only type of gown from Sexy Mama Maternity! This boutique usually rocks with sexy, body-hugging winter maternity dresses, but their designers switched it up for their winter maternity clothes. This super soft, relaxed, knit gown is going to become your best friend when the cold creeps in.

These adorable winter maternity dresses are all about the skirt. The asymmetrical cut keeps the gown stylish while the cinched design keeps you warm! Though you can’t see them in the picture, the skirt also features POCKETS (applause, please).

With their unique shape, these make super cute winter maternity dresses for photoshoots and baby showers. But, we think they give off chill-by-the-fire vibes more than anything. Either way, it’s a versatile staple you can dress up or down.