10 things to do on days when you have no energy

Feeling low on some days is a totally natural reflex. We all go through this every once in a while. What actually the problem is, is that we expect too much from ourselves and our bodies. The daily 12 hour grind is enough to suck out the energy reserves you store for emergency situations. But how to fix this shortage? My ideas might help you a little bit.
Free your mind from the worry of feeling weak and let’s have a walk through the things you can do to help your mood elevate.

Don’t sleep long:

This might seem stupid but trust me on this, when you will keep sleeping your mind won’t allow you to really wake up. The first thing you need to put effort in is getting out of the bed and try involving yourself in a task. This will work as a stimulus for your brain to shake off the sleepiness.

Eat a good meal:

Coffee shots, tea, cold baths. All of these seem like they are working, but when you’re this low on motivation and energy, you need a nice and tasty meal. Treat yourself with a delicious meal that is full of energy and your favorite dishes. Food in any case is the best thing one can have. Once you’ll eat, you’ll know where half of your problem is and it might even be gone with your hunger. Remember, happy stomach… happy you.

Comb your hair:

Well, I know you must’ve done that but you should do it more often when your energy is not sufficient. Why? Because combing acts as an exercise for your hair and scalp. Brushing your hair improves the blood circulation towards your head and that makes your head fell light. It allows more oxygen supply to the brain which leads to better functioning.
Eventually you have a lighter head and an energy boost.

Bathing therapy:

Taking long showers is always a therapy session with yourself. For fixing your day, you should go for a hot water bath which helps in relaxing your brain and body. Once you’re done with that top it up with a quick cold shower. This can sound absurd but it will lock all the good bacteria and wake you up from the laziness caused by the warm water.
Such a bath can help you feel better and move forward with a fresh approach.

Take yourself for a walk:

Spending time alone in fresh air and greenery is a must. Walking alone in a nice garden can help your eyes and mind open. Greenery enhances the working of your optic organs and gives you exposure to fresh oxygen. When you’ll spend time in such environment, your body will automatically wake up from all the dullness and get a nice energy shot.

Chocolate helps:

Serotonin, also known as, happy hormone is stimulated by eating chocolate. Sweets are always good for energy. Therefore, eat a chocolate bar or something super sweet, it will help you feeling energetic and all pumped up for your work.

Power naps:

Your mind enters deep sleep after 20 minutes. Power naps are always less than or exactly for 20 minutes. A small five-minute nap can also help as a quick energy source. This allows your eyes and brain to have a break from all the stress and tension which in turn makes you feel back at your feet.

Act happy:

Half of the things begin with acting. When you will pretend to be happy and active for the initial minutes you will enter the energy zone unknowingly. After that, you will feel fit and fine to function with full energy.

Pamper yourself:

You are the only person who can actually make you feel better. To help yourself you need to take care of yourself like a child. When you will do so, you’ll know what was missing in your day. This will multiply your energy with self-confidence and love which will fly you through the dark clouds and make you feel all prosperous and full of energy again.

Wear your favorite outfit:

Wearing your favorite outfit is the best thing you can do for yourself. Looking good enhances your confidence and self-image in a way that energizes you. People can feel your energy once you’re feeling happy and confident about yourself.
Don’t let your day go dull, chin up and fix your energy by doing everything you can for yourself. If you need Psychiatrist help, you can find a list of Psychiatrist in Islamabad.