Are you in the market for a new roof? If so, it’s important to ask the right questions before signing a contract with a roofing contractor. Not all contractors are created equal, and you want to make sure you’re hiring someone reputable and qualified to do the job correctly. A Baltimore roofing contractor can help you with all your roofing needs, from installation to repairs. This blog post will discuss a few questions that you should ask your roofing contractor before signing anything!

1. What is your experience with roofing?

It’s important to ask a contractor about their experience with roofing before hiring them. They should have extensive knowledge and experience in the field and specific experience installing the type of roof you are interested in.

2. What is your warranty?

A good roofing contractor will offer a warranty on their work. This could be for a certain number of years, or it might cover the cost of repairs if something goes wrong with the roof in that period.

Make sure you know what is covered by the warranty and how long it lasts. If there are any stipulations (such as regular inspections being required), make sure you understand them before signing anything.

3. What is your price?

You’ll want to know the contractor’s price for the job. However, don’t just go with the lowest bidder – there might be a reason they’re offering such a low price.

4. Are you licensed and insured?

It’s important to only work with contractors who are licensed and insured. This protects both you and the contractor if something goes wrong during the job.

5. What kind of materials will you be using?

The type of materials a contractor uses can make a big difference in the quality of the roof. Make sure to ask what kind of materials they plan on using, and do some research on your own to see if those materials are reputable.

6. How long will the job take?

It’s important to know how long the job will take, especially if you need to be home for it. Ensure a timeline from the contractor, and ask them what might happen if they run into any unexpected problems.

7. What kind of crew will be working on my roof?

You’ll want to know what kind of crew the contractor plans to send to your home. They should have a good mix of experienced and qualified workers.

8. Can I see some of your past work?

It’s always a good idea to ask to see examples of the contractor’s past work. This will give you a good idea of the quality of their work and the type of roofs they are comfortable installing.

9. How long have you been in business?

The longer a contractor has been in business, the more experience they likely have. Ask how long the contractor has been in business and check online reviews to get an idea of their reputation.

10. Do you offer any discounts?

Some contractors might offer discounts for things like referrals or military service. Make sure to ask if the contractor offers any discounts and see if there is anything you can do to lower the job cost.