10 Memorable & Effective Open House Ideas for Realtors

Open houses are a time-honored tradition in the real estate industry, but they’re also time-consuming and stressful for the realtors who host them. Open houses may be a suitable lead generation method for realtors looking to enhance their sales. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with potential home buyers. If you’re committing to all this work, make sure you receive valuable leads and potential clients’ contact information, as well as a renter for the property. It’s becoming challenging for real estate agents to make their open houses memorable these days. Over a day, buyers see a lot of properties, and they all start to blur together. You’ll want your listing to leave an everlasting impression on the purchasers who come to see it if you want it to sell. Here are ten memorable and effective open house ideas for realtors:

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Stream Online

There are numerous benefits to live streaming your open house. First, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience of those who couldn’t attend the open house or didn’t know about it until it was too late. Second, younger renters are also more likely to be comfortable with remote communication, so if that’s your target market, you should use Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

Promote on Socials

Use open house marketing to let people know you’re in the real estate business. One of the most severe difficulties that realtors have regarding social media is deciding what to publish. However, social media has various advantages in preparing, organizing, and sitting an open house. So, write some in-depth posts and promote them using a Facebook ad or an Instagram promotion aimed at your target audience.

Make informed scheduling 

Suppose you want your open house to be a success. In that case, you can’t anticipate a large turnout by streaming it online and possibly posting it on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, or other social media profiles. Instead, you should arrange your open house far ahead of time and develop a strategy to fit buyers’ schedules.

Organize a Giveaway

Offer a giveaway gift as a way to attract visitors to your open house. Unlike a regular lottery, guests will not be required to purchase tickets and will immediately enter the giveaway when they arrive. See whether local restaurants or theatres would be interested in sponsoring the event with a dinner gift card or a free pair of tickets.

Involve and Invite the Community

Having neighbors come to your open house can help in increasing the number of people who come. Neighbors are also influential neighborhood activists. Leave messages on the doors of surrounding homes and apartments informing them of the open house’s details and encouraging them to come in for free food. Also, deliver candy boxes or door hangers to the residents in your community.

Bring Your Photographs to Life

Photos are windows into a home’s style and feel; hence they’re critical in generating interest in it. If you want to get more attention on social media and attract potential buyers to your open house, consider adding captivating photos to your accounts.

Give Goody Bags to Buyers

Putting together goody bags with samples from around the neighborhood for each guest is an excellent approach to educate people about the opportunities accessible to them. Furthermore, visitors will remember the agent who took the time to make such a kind gesture.

Make a Two-sided Flyer with Lots of Details

Real estate flyers commonly include pictures and details of the open house. Make use of the first half of the brochure to boast about your neighborhood. Next, use the other side of the brochure to show off any home improvements you’ve made. Finally, use the space on your handout to provide additional information beyond what they might see at the open house.

Organize a Local Art Show

Realtors might organize an art show exhibiting the work of local artists to add even more aesthetic interest to the open house. It will help showcase the area’s distinct benefits while also attracting a wider crowd. Contact local studios and art organizations to see if any of their students are interested in seeing and selling their work.

Stay Connected and Follow Up

Within a day or two of your open house, realtors should contact anybody who shared their information. What if someone visited your open home but never contacted you again? Avoid losing a buyer in such away.


Hosting a successful open house requires a lot of talent, so you’re better off enlisting the help of an agent. However, Sigma Properties hopes that these open house ideas will inspire you and help you host a successful event.

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