The main problem with first dates is that we usually take them too seriously. Yes, we are all nervous when we have to spend time with a stranger we’re interested in. As it’s always hard to predict the outcome of first dates, we believe that the point of them is to have a good time. So, instead of trying to impress someone with a fancy dinner, or have a stiff bar conversation, it’s much better to loose things up for a bit and spend time on something more interesting. Whether something happens or not, you will spend quality time.

Here are some first-date suggestions that promise a good time and can easily spark a romance:

  1. Picnic in a park

You can’t go wrong with this one. Just make some sandwiches and get a nice drink and you will enjoy your time. Spending a day in a park on nice weather will please both of you, no matter the outcome. If you’re not sure about the picnic, just a regular walk in a park will do the job.

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  1. Street Festival/Fair

The biggest problem with first dates is that it’s a little bit tricky to pick the right topic to talk about. That’s why going to a crowded place with a lot of things to see is a smart move. After just a few steps, you will see so many things you can talk about. Furthermore, there is so much to do at events like that. You can try different products, listen to music or find any other way to have fun. Things usually go smooth in these cases. Check out Dubai festival here.

  1. Outdoor Activity

This is one of the most popular first-date ideas these days. Simply, if you like going outdoors, there is no way you’re going to have a bad time. You can ride a bike, or go for something a little bit more extreme, such as adventure parks or kayaking. If your sympathy likes hiking, search no more.

  1. Visit A Museum

This one is a little bit tricky and there are only two possible scenarios – it will either be boring or exciting. It all depends on the preferences of your date. If we are talking about a person that loves arts or science, this will bring so many topics to talk about to the table. If that’s not the case, better consider something else.

  1. Watch A Sports Game

If your date is a sports person, this is the thing to do. There are so many sports events happening every week, so picking the right one shouldn’t be hard. You will have a great time and if your team wins, you can go and celebrate. After that, everything is possible

  1. Karaoke Night

Karaoke never gets old and everyone likes it. If you are a good singer, this is a great chance to impress your date. Otherwise, you will make fool of yourself and in most cases, that’s actually a good thing.

  1. Bowling

Although it may sound a little bit odd, bowling is a fantastic option for a first date, especially if you don’t want a commitment. You can go in pairs, with mutual friends and break the ice easier. Also, you will have a great time, no matter the skills. If you’re both good at bowling, it could become pretty competitive. If you are not, it will be funny. In both cases, you will have a few drinks and enjoy small talk.

  1. Visit The Zoo

When someone is an animal lover, things are much easier. A visit to the zoo is the first thing that comes to mind and a good time is guaranteed. You can even go further than that and consider visiting an animal shelter. It may sound a little bit odd, but it’s a great way to show your gentle side. You can also consider alternatives, such as a visit to a botanic garden.

  1. Play Arcade Games

With arcade games, there is no age limit. Everyone can play them, so this may be a great choice for the first date. Once again, it’s a great option for having a great time and also a smart way to talk less and reduce the possibility of awkward moments. Also, this is a great way to learn about your date, to see how a person acts when losing, or to see how long it takes to see your date losing a temper. If everything turns out well, then you can continue playing games online

  1. Breakfast

Dinners are too formal and too stressful, while drink in a bar is too boring and doesn’t work very well. So, why shouldn’t you loose up things a little bit? Invite your date for a breakfast instead, enjoy the most important meal, and have a casual conversation without any commitment. That’s a much better way to break the ice and skip awkward formalities.

Those would be our top 10 first-date ideas. If you feel we’ve missed something or you have better ideas, feel free to write in the comment section. We would love to hear your opinion.