10 Features Of Great Tennis Courts

Whether you’re a beginner just starting to play tennis or an experienced player looking for something new, chances are you’ll want your court to match your new hobby. Playing tennis is great fun but can also be challenging if you don’t have the right surroundings. So, to make the experience as enjoyable as possible and give you the best chance of playing well, here are ten features of great tennis courts:

Grass Only

It isn’t the court you’ll find at your local sports center. If you’re looking for a court that’s solely made from artificial turf and uses synthetic grass, you’ll find this is a feature. Why use grass only, you may ask? Synthetic turf is great for cricket and football but not for tennis. It absorbs moisture too quickly and doesn’t bounce back like natural grass. So, you’ll get the best of both worlds with a synthetic lawn tennis court. It may not look as good as a traditional court, but it’s more durable and doesn’t require as much maintenance.

Good Grip During Play

With every shot you take, you must have as good a grip as possible. While you don’t necessarily need a synthetic surface to have an excellent grip, having one is advisable. It is because natural grass loves to hold on to moisture and can be challenging to keep clean. Natural grass also deteriorates over time, meaning you’ll need to replace it regularly. So, as you can imagine, replacing it is expensive and takes up valuable time. Synthetic surfaces, on the other hand, don’t need replacing and are easy to keep clean. It means you can spend more time practicing and less time cleaning the court.

Well Maintained

If your court is maintained correctly, you can expect a lot of good outcomes. The dirt will build up and cause many issues if the surface isn’t kept clean. It’ll be challenging to see the ball over the top of the court, you’ll have a hard time gripping the ball, and the ball will be less bouncy. Also, ensure that the court has sports netting installed to prevent injuries and lost balls.

No Strange Obstacles

You’ll find many tennis courts have unusual obstacles.  Some, like tennis backdrop curtains, are necessary to separate courts.  Others, like a net at the end of the court or stray tennis equipment, can be dangerous, especially if someone steps on them. So, to simplify things, it’s best to have your court with a clear running path and no barriers.

Easy To See Over During Play

You want to avoid having to strain your eyes every time you play. Having a clear line of sight over the entire court is essential, but it has to be easy to do this without obstacles. Make sure the net doesn’t obscure your view and that there are no obstructions, like benches or trees, in the way.

Good Sounding Surface

If you’re serious about playing tennis, you’ll want the court to sound as good as possible. Ideally, you’ll want a concrete surface with no cracks or soft spots. These areas are dangerous, as they’re prone to letting the ball go through them. So, they’re best to avoid, and you should have something else in the place of soft spots. On the other hand, cracks can be fixed with a mix of concrete and sand.

Variety Of Layers

To make a new court durable, you’ll need to lay several types of surfaces on it. So, your court should have a layer of concrete, followed by two or three layers of synthetic turf. It is to make the court durable and last for several years. You want to avoid one type of surface covering the entire court, as it could be better. It’ll be challenging to keep it clean, and you’ll have to replace it sooner. So, to get a well-rounded court, you need to have a variety of surfaces.

Variety Of Surface Colours

It might be a minor feature, but you’ll want your court to have a variety of surface colors. Ideally, the court should have a base color and one or two contrasting colors. It makes it easier to see the ball and gives you variety.

A fast surface

It might seem like a strange feature, but it’s essential. A fast surface makes it easier to move around the court, which is essential for any sport. You’ll want to ensure your court has a hard surface, so moving around is hard. But making it easy to slide rather than walk on is also essential.

Good lighting

You’ll notice many courts have lighting, making them ideal for playing at night. It seems like overkill, but it’s a good feature. You’ll find that playing with artificial lighting greatly helps your game.


If you find all of these features in a local tennis Center near you, you’re very fortunate and are sure to have a great experience on the tennis court!