When you are picking the exterior color of your home, it tends to be stressful and overwhelming. The paint color of your home is the first thing people would see when they look at your home. First impressions are important, especially when you are planning on selling your home. That is why you should get your exterior house paint from Kind Home Solutions in Denver, CO. Here are 10 factors to consider when choosing exterior paint colors for your home in Denver, CO.

What should You look for when painting the exterior of a house in Denver?

  1. Look into the history

If you have an older home and you are having a hard time choosing what kind of color you want to paint it with, you could go look at all of the historically accurate color schemes that are from the same era that your house was made. You could always go look at the historic color chart and pick some of the shades that were common back in the day when your house was built. 

You are not going to need a lot of colors when your house has simple architecture, but if you have an elaborate home like a victorian-style home, then you should plan to have 3-6 colors. But if you have a simple home like a ranch-style home, then 2 colors are okay.

  1. Jazzing up the past

There are a lot of modern colors that we have now that could help in dramatizing the architectural details of your home, instead of leaning into the historically accurate colors of when your house was built. If you choose to use these bright colors for old architecture, then it could give you the results that you were not expecting, in a good way. 

  1. Look at your neighbors

It’s not the best idea to copy the exact colors of the house of your neighbor, but you could get an idea of what paint color you could choose. You could look around your neighborhood and get something that is similar or that could complement your neighboring homes. Pick a home that catches your eyes, look at the blending, contrasting, and complementing of the colors of their exterior, and use that as a reference.

  1. Get inspiration from nature

Look at the landscape surrounding your home, that could give you a bit of an idea on what kind of paint color you could use for your home. You could get earth palettes like brown and green. 

  1. Check on your roof

You may look at your home as a blank canvas, but it is not necessarily blank. There are some colors that have already been established, specifically from your roof. Your roofing materials could be an inspiration for you because these materials have their own colors, from metal, slate, clay, shingle, and even terracotta. It would not necessarily have to match the color of your roof, but you could make sure it complements it.

  1. Living room inspiration

Considering the color schemes that you have in your home is also a great idea when you are picking the color of the exterior of your home, or you could choose a color that would complement these colors. You could also use the color of the furniture and consider it as a guide for the selection of your exterior paint color. These factors could be a good indicator of what types of colors you lean toward if you are really struggling with your selection. 

  1. Colors of the unpainted materials

There are some features of your home that would not be painted like brick and stone. You could choose a color scheme that would be able to complement these materials, like your wooden doors, vinyl windows, and even a chimney. Keep all of these fixtures in mind when you are picking the colors for your home.

  1. Make sure to pay attention to details

Do not forget that you could add accent colors on the exterior of your home so that it would be able to emphasize the beautiful architectural details of your house. You could use colors that would be able to complement, contrast, have the same hue, or clash with the main color of your exterior surfaces. 

  1. Going dark paint for more drama

Dark colors could help to draw more attention to the details of your home and help it stand out from the crowd. Using these colors for siding could help make all of these architectural details pop out. 

  1. Using light to add to the size

If you want to brighten up your exterior, then you could turn to light colors to help you achieve that goal. White colors can help make the details of your home more prominent. When you choose to paint the exterior of your home a much darker color, then it would be able to help emphasize all of the shadows.

How Many Colors Should a House Exterior Have in Denver?

There really isn’t any rule of thumb when it comes to how many different colors you should use when you are repainting the exterior of your home, but generally, you are going to need at least two paint colors— one for the body and another for the trim. You can always add the third color for accents like doors or architectural features that stand out.