10 enticing cabinet styles you’d love to check out

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you have every reason to start your project. These days, the cabinet styles, designs, colors, and finishing is so enticing that you would love to visit your nearby kitchen cabinets store. Moreover, these latest kitchen designs are consistent, creative, and cost-effective. 

Furthermore, just one visit to the kitchen cabinets store and you will fall in love with the contemporary vibe. You can choose from any glass door cabinets to metallic cabinets. Also, the latest hardware is in upkeep with these new cabinet styles. Here is the list of designs you are more likely to find in stores:

  • Blurred glass fronts
  • Rustic wood cabinetry
  • Blue kitchen cabinets
  • Purple cabinetry
  • Sky-high cabinets
  • Natural wood cabinets
  • Furniture-style kitchen cabinets store 
  • red and silver cabinets
  • Ashwood cabinets
  • High-gloss cabinets

Blurred glass fronts:

Are you looking for a truly modern kitchen outlook? There is nothing more convincing than blurred glass cabinets. So, if you want to keep up with the latest style but do not want to show off: go for blurred glass front cabinet doors. Mark my words, this style is all you need in your open kitchen area- it is safe yet stylish. Also, a glass door is one of the best options for your interior that looks awesome in your home.

Rustic wood cabinetry:

If you have wooden floors and want to upgrade the look, go for rustic wood cabinetry. It will go perfectly with your farmhouse theme. In addition, these cabinets have clean lines and a sturdy outlook. Moreover, this style complements traditional as well as modern kitchen styles. For more accents, use black kitchen furniture.

Blue kitchen cabinets:

Well, it is no surprise that blue kitchen cabinets are still in the stores to rock your kitchen space. Yes, blue cabinets are still enticing and will make you want to select them instantly. Also, kitchen experts say that blue is the new neutral in the market. So, you are more likely to see grey and blue kitchens equally.

Purple cabinetry:

After blue, get ready to check out more of the purple kitchen cabinetry. Opt for the darkest shade of purple and give an accent to your cooking space. Moreover, these color cabinets look enticing in both matte and polished finishes. In the same way, you can go with a uniform look with all purple cabinetry. Also, pair them with gold cabinet pulls.  

Sky-high cabinets:

Go and check out the sky-high cabinets on the internet. This style will impress you for sure with its elegance and everlasting look. If you have a high ceiling kitchen roof, a tall cabinet style is perfect to utilize the space. It is a brainy decision and a stylish approach. Although, it can be a real task to store things in such high cabinets. But you can figure that out later. 

Natural wood cabinets:

For those who embrace natural beauty, wooden cabinetry is their top choice. Many homeowners like to go with natural wood cabinets with clean lines and no finish. These cabinets only require a protective sheen, and you are good to go. So, get ready for this style!

Furniture-style kitchen cabinets store:

Many kitchen cabinets stores are redoing the furniture-style kitchen cabinets. In the same way, many homeowners love to use their antique wooden boxes as cabinets. Honestly, this idea can change the mood and aura of your home interior. For instance, you can use your TV trolley as a wooden kitchen island. Plus, you can move it around to manage the space.  

Red and silver cabinets:

Red cabinets and silver hardware are some of the best kitchen cabinets combos. When paired with stainless steel devices, red looks ethereal and magical. For this design, you can go with either matte red cabinets or high gloss finishes. Additionally, you can pair it with a black counter surface and create a statement kitchen.

Ashwood cabinets:

Well, grey continues to be the top choice for kitchen cabinets and countertops. But, ash grey wooden cabinets are all you need to spice up your place. These accent cabinets and their finish can enhance the resale value of your home in no time. In particular, if you are an artist by soul: you will love this cabinet style. It is neutral, warm, and ideal for all kitchen types.

10. High-gloss cabinets:

Are you bored with your current cooking space? It is time to visit some stores or check out online stores for some high-gloss cabinet styles. These glossy cabinets are perfect if you want to go glam with your cabinet choices. In this case, you can opt for red, blue, black, or green finishes. 


This fall is the best time for you to turn your existing kitchen into a dream kitchen space. Visit a kitchen cabinets store, and you will find an array of enticing cabinet styles. Here are ten bestselling looks: go for a blurred glass front, ash wood, natural wood, or rustic wood cabinets. Also, blue, purple, red, and grey are still in the limelight. And Columbus cabinets city is your destination.

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